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    You plonk it on a plain (not micro-adjust) seat post and it gives you mad layback

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    Ridgeback Velocity. £400, all shimano parts, all good.

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    Tall biker and BMX bandit completing the fuck out of the Dunwich Dynamo, a right pair of epic winners

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    Just as I scrolled down to this, the track I'm listening to featured a sample of a guy shouting 'TIMBEERRR!'. I consider that an epic win, but then I'm sad as fuck.

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    i picked up this Geoffrey Butler touring frame last week. it has a row of braze-ons running down the non-drive side of the bike. they start before the shifter braze-on and run to the dropout. same diameter as a brake or gear cable. any clues?

    Dynamo -> rear lamp wiring. along the chain stay, up the rack leg, down the mudguard

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    (I also always wondered about his tandems why he didn't have the drive chain from the rear chainring directly, like on a lot of tandems... Jack Taylor tandems have that detail too...)

    shifting under power (especially with rudimentary '40s dérailleur) is better with longer chain, most noticeable on a tandem where it's very tricky to synchronise easing up on the pedals to change gear.

    unfortunately this one benefit is a bit outweighed by the 4-foot chain dancing about like a motherfucker every time you shift/hit a pothole

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    I guess you could chop it and just use a regular seat clamp? should be fine

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    Making fun of Chinese accents is just razy lacism.

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    I think probably not, looks like it has two adjustable cups for fine chain line adjustment? /maybetalkingoutmyarse