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    If anyone is struggling with pedal strikes. Or if you're not a fan of the long, slack and low trend, then you're in luck...


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    1) almac68 - A10 Charcoal XL; white graphics
    2) almac68 - D8 Orange XL; white graphics
    3) Kiskubai - A2 Black S, white graphics
    4) Kiskubai - D6 Natural S, black graphics
    5) wools - A1 White S, black graphics
    6) cgg - D8 Orange L, white graphics
    7) youramericanlover - A2 Black S, white graphics
    8) campervangogh - d3 maroon L, white gfx
    9) HK_Berlin - A2 black XL, white grafix
    10) hippy - D7 Navy L, white gfx
    11) exteroceptive - A2 black XL, white graphics
    12) Mtb idle - D5 military green, L, black graphics
    13) Mtb idle - D7 navy, L, white graphics
    14) Baeri_Baer - A6 Azelea S; black graphics
    15) Baerli_Baer - F1 Electric Green S; black graphics
    16) ElGonzo - D9 Purple M, white graphics
    17) dme - A7 Blackberry, XL, white graphics
    18) dme - D8 Orange, XL, black graphics
    19) atz - E4 Grey, L, Black Graphics
    20) atz - A2 Black, L, white graphics
    21) pazu - A2 Black, L, white graphics
    22) graunch - E4 grey, XL Black graphics + A4 purple XL , White Graphics (+post to NL)
    23) FarCorfe - A2 Black , L white graphics
    24) hurricane_run - D7 Navy, M, White graphics
    25) Condorlini E4 Grey, M, Black Graphics
    26) n3il A2 Black, L, White graphics, A4 purple, L, White Graphics
    27) scratchabit - A2 Black, M, White gfx
    28) 3c70 - f2 L, f2 XL. Both white graphics
    29) muddyfox69 - A3 Antique Cherry Red, white graphics XXL Mens (postage to Glasgow)
    30) moocher - A9 Carolina Blue, L, White Graphix (needs posting)
    31) bigshape - white graphics on black, L, +p&p
    32) yetidamo - E4 sport Grey, black graphics, M
    33) yetidamo - E6 tropical blue, white graphics, M (plus p&p for both).

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    Yeah I think we may have a hoarder on our hands. Who's having a clear out.

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    Oh yeah. Good spot.

    Seems he's selling the wheels, cassette, disc rotors, tyres, powermeter spider and chainring from the bike.

    He did say he might change a few bits when he collected it. His perogative I guess. His bike now and he seemed a decent enough bloke. Although if he sells those items at his asking prices he'll recoup what he paid for the whole bike more or less. Less ebay fees of course. Probably a big if though.

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    Can't tell you how pleased I am to hear that.

    1) that its getting some heavy use and 2) you're enjoying it as much as I did. It really is a fine ride and deserves a good home. It's surprisingly sprightly too.

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    How you liking it now you've put some miles in? Still looking great BTW!

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    Reckon This Will Destroy You might be right up your strasse.

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    Haha. I probably just need to do some fettling but at the moment they're more effective as a bell than as any kind of retardation mechanism.

    In all seriousness they do work but I've not ridden anything other than discs in a couple of years now so these need a little more forward thinking, which actually suits the whole nature of the bike. I really love it.

    Worst case I'll use your tree technique.

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    Bought this "on here" recently. So glad I did. Canti brakes clearly the devil's work, but that doesn't stop this being the most fun in my local woods. Cheap thrills at its best.