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    Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Glad that people feel the price is fair. It's still a significant lump of change, but if someone is looking for one in this size I think it's a good deal.

    Surprised your dream bike isn't a Trek @amey :)

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    That Northern Boys one is dark/disturbing.

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    Another bike I'll probably regret selling as soon as it departs, but here we go...

    I bought this in July 2021, it's the 2022 model. Which is identical to the 2023 model:


    It's been my "summer best" bike only, and these days my preference is for off road when it's dry and warm, so it's seen relatively little use. 1639 miles in fact according my Strava odometer for the bike.

    It's unquestionably the best carbon road bike I've owned. It's fast/responsive, but it's also engaging, comfortable and enjoyable to ride. I wanted a non aero bike for 3 main reasons, ride quality is better (aero bikes can feel quite wooden in my experience), they're easier to live with (no cables/hoses routing through stems/headtubes, so switching stems is easy, 27.2 round post with standard clamp, English thread BB etc) and they look better :)

    It had a few upgrades from new:
    Zipp 303S wheels set up tubeless with Goodyear Eagle F1 30mm tyres. I run them at 53psi (F) and 57psi (R) and they ride so nicely, but are still very quick.
    The stem is S-Works (90mm).
    The bars are Easton EC90 carbon.
    I recently fitted a brand new Quarq Rival powermeter which has been used for one 3 hour ride. As you'd expect, it works perfectly.

    As most people will swap the saddle to something of their own preference I've fitted an unused San Marco saddle that came with my gravel bike, just so you have something to perch on until you fit your own saddle.

    The bike is in immaculate condition and everything works perfectly. The Rival AXS is the best groupset I've ever used in terms of ergonomics, gear ratios and range, shifting, ease of use. I really like it. It comes with the charger and cable. I'll include the original LH crank arm that I removed to fit the Quarq. I also have all the bumpf that came with the bike and also the wheels, so spare Zipp disc lockrings, disc spacers etc.

    The only blemish is where the rear tyre had a puncture and the "worm" I fixed it with is somewhat pokey outey and ugly. I've ridden it for a few hundred miles and whilst it isn't pretty, you can't feel it and it doesn't leak air.

    The 2023 model (without upgrades, obviously) is now £5,500. Bike prices aren't immune from the hideous inflation it seem! Looking for £xxxx and can deliver (within reason) to most of the SE of England for that price. I'm a bit nervous I'll end up in the "asking insane sums for stuff for sellz" thread, but given the upgrades it's considerably >40% off a 1 year old bike in great nick. Feels about right to me so hopefully no pile on! :) I do realise it might not be the sort of bike to sell on here, but it's my fave place so thought I'd try here first.

    It weighs 16.4lbs without pedals. And this version of the frame can take Di2 and cabled gears too. Any questions, please ask. Thanks, Damian.

    Pics incoming...

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    Such a great bike. Probably the nicest I've ever owned.
    Don't know who @ekallus sold it to so may well be in New Malden now.

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    Ah yeah. You'll love it then. I should have gone a size down. It was just that bit big for me. I'd still have it today otherwise I reckon.

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    Yep, definitely mine originally. It's builds into a lovely bike, I hope you enjoy it. @stelfox was also looking at it as he PM'd me with some questions about it. I'll be interested to see it and know what you think of it when built up.