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    Pizza at Voodoo Rays or Fed by water in Dalston (Fed do fake meat)

    Burgers and lots of other stuff at Black Cat cafe ( Hackney Central).

    Veggie/vegan food at Tibits too (Heddon Street off Regent Street).

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    That shit turns people craaaaazy.

    My gf works in a prison, the inmates having "spice attacks" fuck shit up proper.

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    She's just so cute.

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    Minimalist baker does lots of Asian-inspired vegan recipes.

    Post punk kitchen does too.

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    Go to TK Maxx and grab a cheap cast iron pan if you don't already have one, the frying pan method works better than a pizza stone.

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    I saw Moonlight last night, it's fantastic.

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    Pizza Pilgrims, Garrick Street WC2E 9BN: pizzapilgrims.co.uk/

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    Ha, I was waiting for someone to do that. Not 100% commitment though..

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    I had this after racing a road crit last night. Hard hour on the bike 70-80% at heart rate zone 4.

    Took longer than normal to fall asleep because my HR was elevated and I could feel my heart beating harder. Fell asleep eventually, feel fine this morning.

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    Come race at Thundercross! 25th Feb CX race just outside London.


    Prepare to burn up this February with Cyclocross action from North London Thundercats and Kin Cycles!

    We have taken over a motocross track for the day, expect a unique racing experience on a massive scale.

    There will be challenging climbs, twisty single-track, speed sections, exciting descents and lots of opportunities for fast racing.

    There will be black and green runs and the course will be open early in the day for familiarisation sessions and warm-ups.

    £500 (each!) for male and female 1st place in the main races plus a stack of amazing runner-up prizes.

    Easy access from A20/M25 or London Cannon Street/Blackfriars (30mins).

    There will be a social ride out from Greenwich led by the Fixed Beers crew.

    Supported by our friends at
    Bell Bike Helmets UK
    Altura Technical Bikewear
    BLOC Eyewear
    Standert Bicycles
    Selle San Marco
    Yard Sale Pizza



    Main races are for Cyclocross bikes only and will run for 30/45 minutes (depending on conditions) plus 3 laps. Winners of Men's and Women's races will receive £500 prize money and there's a stack of great prizes supplied by our sponsors too.

    The Anything Goes Race is a run what you brung race. Embody the spirit of ThunderCross by racing something a bit different or not racing in lycra or skinsuit. Prizes for winners and those who challenge themselves by using inappropriate bikes or clothing. Be imaginative. The fun race is 5 laps (roughly 13km).

    All races are open to competitors aged 18 or over on the day of the race.

    Equipment Guidelines:


    Terms and Conditions: