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    In periods I set my phone screen to grey-scale mode. It seem to make apps like Insta a bit less interesting, at least for me. Worth a try!

    I've done this (though got out the habit of using it)

    You can set it quite quickly too and bind it to a triple-click of the power button

    Navigate to General > Accessibility
    Find Accessibility Shortcut at the bottom of the screen
    Open it, set it to Color Filters

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    I have ~ £150 to shell out here.

    If you find another £50 and want music on the watch too then the 645 is cheap at Argos atm

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    Can you Bootcamp/Parallels an ipad?

    Nope. iPad is still iOS/ARM so not possible to run Windows

    You'll be able to run full (/iPad) Office apps on Pro and normal iPads though - just you can't use the posh keyboard with normal iPads.

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    How're you finding the trackpad / cursor?

    It's good IME. If nothing else, means I can use the iPad for Citrix into work (windows) desktop. Price is a bit eye watering but once that's forgotten then it's really good.

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    Girlfriend has the expensive (£400ish) one and I got the mini.
    Prefer the mini. Easier to lug about, don't notice much difference in power

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    copy/pasting when inchpincher asked just before I got the mini

    Anyone tried one of those vibrating massage guns that are popping up in all the adverts at the moment? Nowt wrong with my foam roller but I think I’d love to pummel my annoying calf with one.


    I ordered the Theragun Mini recently. Should arrive next week. Will see how it compares to the prev

    I like it. It's a little less aggressive than the expensive ones but it's small enough I can leave it downstairs which means I actually use it.
    I've run a lot more in the last few days than I normally do (20k Friday, 20k Sat, 17k Sun) and made a point of using it as part of stretching after.
    Normally if I ran 20k then the following day I'd be hobbling down the stairs somewhat but I've been pretty much fine. Enough that I'm pondering heading out again today for another 18k (arbitrary club lockdown challenge to do 25/50/75/100k in 5 days)

    But yeah, thumbs up on the mini so far.

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    And Alex Yee also under the old record at 13.26
    Not too shabby for a triathlete.

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    Might go straigh into the iPadOS 14 beta and see how I get on

    Been stable for me on the same kit

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    Ah yes. My estimate thing below

    I put it on at 495, expecting that we'd get interest around 475.

    I was on a really busy road so was pretty concerned that most people would just see the noise and decide immediately not to buy. So I'd pretty much decided that if I got something decent then I'd take it, rather than holding out for a stellar offer.

    I had loads of viewings in the first couple of weeks. I think 20 in week 1 and another 15 in week 2. Almost everyone said the house was nice but it was just too noisy.

    Toward the end of 2nd week I got two offers at the same time. One at 440 and one at 465.
    Said to both that they weren't the only offer.
    The 440 person didn't reply, the 465 person offered 476.5
    I bit their hand off.