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    A small group of the Track Dropouts crew got together to talk about the idea of having a team kit that was less cycling team jersey looking and a bit more clean cut than the kit on the market at this time. But still hipster at the same time so you can rock it with Jeans and you Vans in the summer.

    So after lots of design ideas, swearing, stressful moments, point less emails and sleepless nights. The first Track Drop Outs team kit is here.

    For the first team drop we went for a cycling jersey in two cuts, a race cut (slim fitting) and a club fit (bit more relaxed) bibs, arm warmers, wind vest and even some skin suits for the track riders.

    After that first small drop I am happy to say if you would like to place an order for kit I have set that up.

    Here are some photo from our blog of the kit


    Jersey £54.99
    Bibs - £64.99
    Arm Warmers - £19.99
    Wind Gilet/Vest - £45.99
    Skin suite L/S - £84.99

    So what to do next?
    I don’t have any stock of the kit and therefore have to place the order and get it made up then sent here. This takes 6 to 8 weeks from the date the order is placed to the date it lands with me.

    So you want the kit?
    Due to being custom made the TDO kit has to hit a minimum order number which is very low at 10 units. And this means that I can’t place an order until will hit this number so if you want the kit get posting on here and PM with the order.

    Cycling kit sometimes comes up on the small side, so please err on the side of caution and order one size up if you are between sizes. If you are still not sure then post up here in the hope that you are not far from a member that has the kit and will let you try the kit on.

    Men's Race Cut Jerseys - Chest (inches)

    36 38 40 42 44 46 48

    Men's Club Cut Jerseys - Chest (inches)

    38 40 42 44 46 48 51

    Men's Bottoms - Waist (inches)

    28 30 32 34 36 38 40

    Arm / Knee / Leg Warmers

    SIZE Weight Sleeve Inseam
    Small 120-140 30.5" 30
    Medium 140-165 32" 32
    Large 165-190 33.5" 34

    Children's Jerseys (5 Sizes) - Chest (inches)

    XS S M L XL
    21.5 26.5 28.75 31 33.75

    Sizing: Read the chart if you pick a size that is not right TDO can’t do anything about this. Each bit of kit is made to order. Make sure you check the size chart more than once. We don’t hold stock so you can’t change sorry.

    Payment method: PayPal only – PM me for the address

    Terms: All orders to be paid in full before the deadline date. All orders placed after the deadline will placed on drop two (date TBC) this will be when we hit the minimums. When this is done the funds will be needed in full. No funds no kit.

    Well if you would like to place an order post on here and PM the shopping list

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    Hi All,

    I am looking for a set of LOOK Keo pedals. I know that ebay have loads but I thought I would ask here first. Drop me a PM if you have some. I would need them posting to Bristol and can pay by PayPal.


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    El Diablo - That sounds well bad I wouldn't want it wiggling about.

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    Tropical Storm - First dibs, PM sent

    OliverSkipwith - If the above sale doesn't happen then I can talk about the seat post and forks with you. But as it stands Tropical Storm would like the whole bike. Update to follow.

    Gizmond - I have spoke with Steve and Terry at Dolan in the past and they said these were called Track Champs by them however it was a custom build for team GB based on the Kilo and Track champ. But I thought it would be better to call it the track champ as it 95% one.

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    I could sell mine. Drop me a PM and I will see what we can do.