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    All yours, I was just getting distracted by the shiny things.

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    I'd like all that!

    Some tasty stuff there. ooi, what's the rake on the Wound Up's?

    edit - just seen pics, 45mm.

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    Lush! Can't beat a bit of shiny Ti.

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    A few bits trickled in over the last couple weeks,

    a cheap matching Nitto Cage

    new chain and cassette, again ribble discount prices making it a no brainer.

    and a cheap pair of dual pivots (veloce?) until a bargain pair of skeletons come up.

    Cliff (legend that he is) sent me a MK1 campag freehub body, so I can swap out on my current wheelset, making a cheap and ideal solution to the whole campagnolo/11speed wheelset problem.
    Trouble is I distracted himself with Bees, and Pedal Cars, and forgot to ask for a lock ring.

    Spent a weekend scouring LBS workshops for a suitable lock ring, to no avail. Seems, I got me cs-401's mixed up with me 301's and 201's, like an idiot.
    So, I'm slightly miffed with Campag's need to make life difficult with this little project.

    After 2 weeks being held up by a lock ring (the small final bits as always being the most frustrating) just went with one from Royce. Seems a small price to pay for a definite and certain fit and considering the previous generosity, a pleasure to support them.

    So, some progress and finally ready for a first spin this morning.

    Feels surprisingly stiff for such a large, 1" frame. Particularly happy with the bars, feels great in the drops. The new (to me) Campagnolo levers' shape too, are bloody puuurfect and the hoods seem to relief the pressure and pain from a recent accident (scaphoid/wrist pain) so, an ideal ride for me to get back regularly cycling.
    Things left to do...when the pain eases, I'll finalise position, cut the steerer and wait for some cheap skeleton dual pivots, a 2nut CK headset and black Nitto S65 seatpost.

    and need to decide on bar tape, seems like a waste to go black when it could easily deal with something bit more interesting. maybe some splash cinelli, or pink to match the decals.

    any rate, shaping up...

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    Excellent levers! They certainly are carbon (lever blades) and a bit of a bargain at £50. Almost tempted as a spare set.


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    I recently had this dilemma for my Colnago. Decided to go for the Nitto M106 NAS handlebar for a few reasons, but glad I did. They have a lovely shape, slightly flattened area for bar to hood transition. Heat treated, so assuming they will be stiff enough and being nitto have a great finish/build quality.
    Attached a couple pics from phone. Still work in progress, so not set on positioning yet, levers might get nudged forward a bit, but gives you an idea. Reckon shimano would be an even nicer fit. I know the m194 ssb (I have on my Roberts) are designed to work best with them, maybe the case with these. I have campag on both though, meh.

    Only issue for you is the compact drop, if you can live with the 78 reach, 128mm drop? Wouldn't doubt they have a deeper drop variant?

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    The Forma is the same shape/shell as the Drakon (1mm difference) and less padded, basically just covered. The carbon-lite the same shape as them, but with zero-padding.

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    The Kinoko ones are legit, certainly claiming to be.