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    darkpoint - always good to go the longer way to work; more time on the bike, less in the office... Enjoyable ride in - thanks for the company.

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    The BBC were filming last night (lots of local people took their kids) and I'm pretty sure Newsround is coming to film on Monday, as it was horribly wet last night. Either me or Mr whitehel (stanmawr) will be at the meeting on Wed. And at the track with the kids on Monday.

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    From the end of the press release:

    Design & production of all visual communications relating to ‘Save the Velodrome’ campaign
    by Carl Ison, design consultant

    I know Carl. Happy to talk to him about the use of the image. I can only imagine they'd be pleased.

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    Found some minutes of a public meeting with Dulwich Estates back in Jan:

    Herne Hill Velodrome:

    • Why is the Estate doing such a bad job of communicating anything at all about its plans for the Herne Hill Velodrome when such a level of secrecy is not necessary to protect its commercial negotiating position?
    • Is the Estate still pursuing development proposals on the site and why?
    • Why has the Estate refused to grant a sufficiently long lease to the Velo Club de Londres to enable them to invest properly in facilities for the velodrome by unlocking the public funding for cycling that is available.
    • Is the Estate not aware of the pent up demand for cycling activities at the Velodrome, including several requests from its beneficiaries, which VCdL is unable to satisfy because of the uncertainty of its future at the site?
      DE: Long difficult problem. Was leased by Southwark for 42 years who have left site and buildings in poor condition – discussion over dilapidations have stalled. Three extensions of of a one year lease have been granted to British Cycling, DE’s aim is to secure the long term future of the site. Ideally wants a building which will provide facilities for cyclists plus other sport/leisure facilities. Difficult to find development partner in the current market. On advice from traffic consultant, DE informed that two access are required, not the one as at present, in order to get a planning consent for any new building. Southwark still lease a small piece of land required for a second access and are not prepared to release it at a reasonable price. This lease does not expire until 2022. The DE has tried to use dilapidations claim as a lever but no effect as different departments of the Council deal with each aspect. Southwark Council’s Building at Risk Officer had made an application to English Heritage to have grandstand listed which will further delay things and could prevent any development. Site is designated Metropolitan Open Land – very little can be built on it.
      Floor: VCdL did not require another access, considered this a red herring. Why not consider giving longer lease so that investment worthwhile? VCdL have good proposals but British Cycling cannot raise money for renovation because they cannot get a lease longer than 1 year. Preliminary suggestions had been sent to DE but no reply, why? Have they been considered? DE should try harder to reach a solution so that the facility can be improved and enjoyed.
      DE: Did not consider the initial scheme from VCdL a formal proposal – three options suggested. Unaware that VCdL has obtained any planning advice for proposals and hence cannot say second access will not be required.


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    Dulwich Estates has assets worth £205 million, and owns most of Dulwich. Wonder why they won't grant a longer lease?

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    teenslain - I think I met you in the Rose & Crown a couple of months ago; I was there with my bike with another guy with a frame and you were waiting for some forum people. Was it you?

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    I've used this before - was spot on.