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    Didn't realise this was exclusive market, removed from sale. Sorry.

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    Price dropped to £750, open to splitting if there's interest
    Frame/Forks/Headset/Discguard £400

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    Price dropped to £800, open to splitting if there's interest
    Frame/Forks/Headset/Discguard £450

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    Yeah no shit I realise I might not be able to sell this at all, but figured it's better it gets the chance to go to someone that can use it than sits in my flat.
    Also taking hints on other places I might be able to sell this internationally? LOBP is gone, is there any new international forum?

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    So most of you likely are not familiar with me/this bike. I played Polo in Glasgow for a few years, moved to London played here for about a year then never really got back into it and the bike's sat in my flat since.

    I think this might be the last custom polo frame oak made prior to the magic/oak bikes, but I've been out of the loop for a while. It has polished Stainless dropouts and headbadge, not seen that on any others.

    The bike was repainted and rebuilt just before it was retired (I had some bosses removed as I wasn't using them). At this point I also put new cranks. So while they have light wear they are basically new.
    There is some wear on the bars ends and pedals but other than that it's pretty much mint.

    Reynolds 853
    55cm C/T Seat Tube
    53cm Top Tube
    295mm BB drop
    26" Wheels
    About 43 Gear Inches as specced.

    Hope Headset
    Hope BB
    Hope Seat Clamp
    Hope Evo Pro 2 hubs
    DT Swiss RWS Thru Bolt on Front
    Mavic XC 717 Rims 36h 26"
    Scwalbe Kojak 26x1.35 Tyres
    Shimano XT Disc Brake Lever, Caliper & Rotor
    Goodridge Braided Brake Hose & Fittings
    Max Power Rotor Guard
    Thompson Elite X4 Stem 120mm
    Easton EA70 XC Bars
    Ergon GS1 Grips
    Thompson Elite Seatpost
    SDG Bel Air Titanium Rail Saddle
    SRAM X0 Crank 170mm
    Time Atac XS Pedals
    Wolf Tooth Direct Mount Chainring 26T
    Surley 15T Cassette Cog

    So specced out like this the bike would costover £2.1k new just in terms of parts.
    I'm looking for £750 for the complete bike, I'd consider selling the the frame with just the brakes/front end stuff if there's interested in that Or somewhere in between, but not selling off parts individually. Also have a cheaper crank option (Truvative AKA cranks with wolftooth chainring)

    Willing to send abroad.

    Located in SE.



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    Are you going to worlds? I need to leave something with someone who is! Either today or tomorrow.

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