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    So lots of good Contact/ acro yoga links there. Jaquiwan's stuff looks like fun - juggling whilst sitting on your partners feet - not bad!

    Great stuff from Krishnamachary too. Gave me a few ideas - had forgotten about that partnered back bend - will be on the beach with 4 young nieces and nephews next week - will try!

    Lots of impressive partnery stuff from my teacher Edward Clark's Tripsichore yoga dance theatre company. Just google first three words.

    As for the word Asana, well... inevitable really!

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    Hey Hendrik, you wouldn't be the first to put Brasil as perhaps last guess - My dad was the 'Brasilian' (his parents emigrated from Ireland when very young and had all their children in Brasil - dad followed suit and had all his kids here and I at least was raised here too). Mother is Irish/ Scottish stock and I ended up with all her fairer features! Add to that she's a lover of languages, she made sure we grew up bilingual so thankfully I never had to 'learn' English, hence no Brasilian accent!

    Indeed, I love snow but I'm also loving the fact that I never need more than one layer at the moment! No doubt there'll be more of the white stuff between now and March!

    So Aillon Free looks like quite a character! I'm always intrigued by yogi's who branch out into other practices, comedy in particular is very refreshing as yogi's can be known to take themselves a little too seriously on occasion! This is one of the things I loved about my teacher Edward Clark. Never have I been so intelligently taught and challenged and yet he made us fall apart laughing...

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    Indeed *m.f, when weight is fully released or supported, in many ways alot more satisfying. But of course it does require masses of trust. So mirroring good for beginners at least or those who are just not accustomed to working with others.

    Just remembered a lovely one today. A does a handstand into B with knees slightly bent - A's back will be up against the front of A's body. A's legs go over B's shoulders - ie. A bends their knees and hooks legs over B's shoulders. B can then straighten legs and A can take hands off the floor. B can give them a bit of a swing too. Brilliant spine lengthener and fun too.

    Oh and btw, I can feel your dissolved ego - mine too you know, it really makes no difference to me at all that I am here. ;-)
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    btw *m.f, Keith's yoga-Aikido-propelling dance sounds great - very la la la human steps!

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    A in **urdhva dhanurasana - **B places their feet next to A's feet, bends their knees, holds A around the back of their hips/ sacrum. A places their hands on C's hands, C embraces around the back A's shoulder blades. On the inhale B and C pull gently in opposing directions.


    A goes into adho mukha vrksasana preparation against a wall. B sits facing A's back and places hands on shoulders - placing pressure towards the wall and up.

    Falling out of sirsasana - A goes into sirsasana, bends knees and creates a back bend. B and C are kneeling either side. B places hand between shoulder blades, C places hand on sacrum as A brings feet down...

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    so many for D-Dog, but one of my faves is still have A in D-dog and B places feet next to their hands and lies on A's back with full body weight.

    A person in Prasarita Padottanasana c - B person steps into the circle of their arms. Encourage A to allow their full weight to fall into B.

    A person in **Virabhadrasana II **with back close to a wall, person B sitting in front of them leaning back on elbows, B places their feet on A's thighs near to knees, push gently - direction of the feet is back to the wall and rotating upwards to encourage correct knee alignment...

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    so, contact yoga! yes, this is lovely, fun and very effective stuff. One day I'd love to do a full course on this. I teach and practice contact improvisation so have certainly brought elements of this into yfc classes.

    Blimey, there are so many and they are not so easy to articulate in written word. But here go a few suggestions.

    For breath...

    Person B holds sides of person A's ribcage - get them to expand ribcage laterally on inhale and close right back in on exhale. B must give them a bit of pressure so that they have something to push against on the inhale and to yield to on the exhale.

    For beginners to get a sense of energy direction in Uddiyana (rather than lock), lovely having person A have their ribcage lifted by person B on inhale and feet pressed down into the floor by person C. Person C keeps feet pressed down on exhale whilst person B strokes shoulder blades down firmly.

    To encourage serratus engagement of shoulder blade to ribcage rather than the all too common trapezius shoulder blade lift - Person B stands beind person A with arms outstretched pressed against deltoids. Person A lifts arms outstretched to sides whilst B places firm downward push...

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    greetings all,

    Watched the news last night, blimey I do feel for y'all, hope you're all keeping warm and snug and that any xmas travel plans won't be too disrupted...

    Meanwhile here, after a week of tropical rainstorms every day, the sun and heat have finally made a daily appearance and meant that I've been able to do yoga outside. Been a while since I've done yoga in the heat - feeling quite otherworldly. Particularly as I tried your latest posted sequence *m.f! Quite challenging, will keep trying it 'til it feels fluid... nice and logical though!

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    *m.f, ta for info on world yoga day - great idea - I probably won't be able to participate as I'll be running parkroadpilot (www.parkroadpilot.org) a fundraising arts event/party that very weekend, but praps we can raise money for the same charities.
    Also, thought I'd send this on. Sadly, I am sending it too late as it's happening today, but another great idea methinks - one that I would've liked to participate in had I been in the country! Keep an eye out on youtube...
    On 7 December 2010 14:47, Ash Jenkins <ash@roundtablefilms.co.uk> wrote:

    I am from a company called Roundtable Films in London and we are arranging an Flash Mob event for Saturday

    18th December to take place in London, LA and Kenya all on the same day. The Flash Mob is a launch to an

    awareness campaign that supports Kenyan Yoga teachers at The Africa Yoga Project who are teaching yoga to

    have an affect on Tribalism in Kenya. Many of the teachers were idle youths from the slum areas in Nairobi who

    have recieved a personal transformation through learning yoga and they are taking this experience to thousands

    of individuals across the county, in an attempt to heal tribal boundaries.

    The Flash Mob style event in London will take place in Covent Garden at 1pm, the idea is that yogis guised as

    shoppers at precisely 1PM roll out their yoga mats and drop to the floor to do the Sun Salutation Series for

    5 - 10 minutes. Before end the Flash yoga session with the yoga "Om" and disperse. This event will be filmed

    and the video will be edited together with the footage from LA and Kenya into a video for Youtube to promote

    the AYP teachers and the documentary film that is being made about them.

    Facebook link http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=17­3609632659191
    Website http://www.yogaforunity.co.uk/