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    @se1derful - Posted and I had received the item before I'd even sent payment. LFGSS trust

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    I'm after a pair of Shimano 105 5700 10 Speed Shifters - anything in half decent condition out there?

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    Alloy steerer but might be OK. I have been riding this fork for a couple of years with no issue. Radon Carbonfork 1 1/8" for Disc from bike-discount.de

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    I've been running these wheels since mid-2018 and have had no issues with the hubs. They seem to be really well made with sealed bearings etc. and they are still smooth with no play. I was kind of painted into a corner with the spec that I wanted , but I would have no concerns about having another pair of wheels built up with Velo Orange hubs

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    An update a long time coming since the original build. I've covered around 15,000km on the Pearson itself and it's travelled another 30,000km via sea to and from Australia. I moved to Perth in 2012 and made a couple of changes - A suede Cinelli Unicanitor and carbon seatpost made their way onto the Pearson.

    I had a recurring issue breaking spokes on the original front wheel so swapped that out for a Miche as it just needed a rebuild properly. Ran the bike like this for a few years with periodic replacements of chain, sprocket and BB before the next updates in 2018.

    Given that the purpose of the Pearson is that it's a bike I can run all winter with minimal maintenance it tended to see the worst of the weather (in Perth so all relative) and whilst I'm not a fan of the aesthetics of disc brakes on a road bike, the wet weather performance can't be ignored so it was something I looked into further given I was looking to move back to the UK at some stage.

    The main constraint was to find a 1 1/8th straight steerer carbon fork with disc mounts and eyelets to allow me to continue to run mudguards. A fair bit of searching and research lead me to only find one option which was the Radon Carbonfork 1 1/8" for Disc from bike-discount.de

    I'd also need some wheels built up to complete the upgrade to the front disc. Given that I needed a 100mm QR 6 bolt disc front hub and a 120mm rear hub with track nuts, and wanted them to match and wanted be able to use the existing 32h Velocity Deep V rims - Velo Orange came to the rescue with a Grand Cru Disc Touring Front Hub and a Grand Cru Fixed/Free Rear Hub.

    I had the wheels built by a fantastic builder in Perth, Adrian at Melody Wheels - https://melodywheels.com.au/georges-fixe­d-track/

    With the new wheels, some new brake levers and a change to white fizik microtex bar tape, the Pearson ran like this on my commutes to work until it was packed up for it's trip back to the UK, 8 years after leaving Manchester.

    Roll onto March 2020 and we're back in the UK and the Pearson is back on commute duties in rural Norfolk and all is good in the world.

    There's nothing I'd look to change now and despite having a number of bikes over the last 10 years it's probably my favourite as it just works.