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    Nice & cheap !

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    Old thread revival - saves posting a new one !
    Did Motobecane ever make track frames ? i.e is this a fake or not ?
    Thanks for any possible help !

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    Priiiiiiiiiiice droooooooooooooooo(bum)p

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    A set of white pedals, they're identical to BLB ones but have HT instead of their logo on them.
    I bought them 2 years ago, but quickly replaced them with some Keo's, so they haven't seen tons of use (Less than 400Km for sure).
    They come with some Dualism straps, which seem more worn out than the pedals bat not in bad condition, just a bit scuffed at some points.
    I'm not currently in London, but will be from the 4th to the 7th (i.e this week-end), so if you want them it'll have to be before then, afterwards will be tricky.

    For either pick up or meet around Highbury, no postage however !
    I'm looking for £30 which I think seems fair, if you don't think so make an offer (but don't be silly please)

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    After booting in safe mode and doing absolutely nothing with my drivers, I then restarted to run Windows normally, and hey presto... Everything works !
    Thanks for your tips !

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    The driver should work on all HD 5000 and 6000 graphic cards though, and I know for sure mine is in that range. Any other suggestions ?

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    I'm having some big trouble with my graphics card!

    I installed the new Rage driver for my Ati Radeon graphics card (I think it's an HD 5770 1GB, though I'm not 100% sure). Only half way through the installation, my computer crashed and restarted for no apparent reason (hardly any programs were open, nothing graphically demanding, and I'm on 6GB of RAM on an i5 processor).

    Since this crash, the appearence of Windows has changed, for example when moving the mouse over a toolbar icon (for example Chrome), I don't get the habitual preview of the program (e.g Gmail), only the name of the program or webpage.

    Also, another evident change is that the said toolbar is now light blue, and no longer translucent, plus the appearance of all windows I open has changed.

    I have tried starting some of my installed games and none of them work.

    I have checked in Screen Resolution > Advanced Settings to verify that Windows recognizes the card and gives it's properties, but I only get blank info fields or "n/a" (which is why I'm not sure what graphics card I have).

    Since the problem I have tried re-installing the driver, but I still get an error message saying I do not have the correct drivers (or something like that, next time the message comes up I will update the thread).

    I have excessively abused Google looking for an answer, but nothing seems to solve the problem.

    So if anybody can help me, it would be much appreciated, even if it's just sending me to a webpage that I may have overlooked.

    If it makes any difference, here a few specs that may have something to do with the problem :

    Intel i5 processor (2.67GHz)
    6GB Ram
    ATI Radeon (HD 5770 1GB ?) Graphics Card
    All on a 6 month old Vaio E Series running Windows 7 64 bit

    I'm also running a full McAfee scan !

    Any help would be much appreciated !