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    Here is Basil cavapoochon -hope you can see the photo this time

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    Excellent, according to linkedin (and to paraphrase the Poohsticks), I know someone who knows someone who knows Tamara Wanker quite well

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    had the same op but about 15 years ago after a running injury (can't see how you could suffer this injury while cycling?)

    rode geared after it probably not for a month or so though, and only casual/commute short distance

    when i began riding fixed it never gave me any problem except when i swapped to a new bike with a few more gear inches, but once i had gotten used to that it settled down

    most pain i had with it was a couple of months ago on a new geared cross bike - obviously gave me the opportunity to push much more gear inches than I had been used to on fixed for the last couple of years, and i felt it (while walking the next day, rather than any acute pain while cycling)

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    just to bring it back to the bikes for a moment - I have the CAADX 105 on order currently under a cycle to work scheme, but have been advised that i should not expect it until June or July "...or even later" by the retailer (Wheelies) due to manufacturing problems with the frame at Cannondale.

    Not a problem for me as it gives me more time to work out how to tell my wife / work out where to keep it.

    Only really ordered it as my company ran the C2W scheme again, and it seemed inappropriate not to buy something, and can sort of justify the purchase as something that will be easier to ride when out with my kids, as my fixed bikes skinny tyres do not handle towpaths etc well and the gearing on them is not appropriate for average speeds of 6 - 8 mph which we normally seem to achieve! This may be a sledgehammer to crack a nut kind of situation.

    Hell, I might even try some cyclocross on it in the next season (assuming it's arrived by then).

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    mail featured 'top ten bestselling singlespeed bikes' in one of its supplements yesterday (mother in law bought it, not me)

    had a picture of a nasty orangey trimmed mongoose maurice which they said was no.1. not sure how they got the data.

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    OK, imho you'd be bonkers to have any form of 'invasive' trial such as a biopsy - with the upmost respect of course to SimonW7.

    to be fair i should point out i only really did it to help out a mate, the research was for his PhD (well that and the money)

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    ...think they gave me some drug to reduce the gag, and also gave me some kind of date rape drug so I would not remember what happened. ....

    hang on a minute...

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    ...they also did a lung biopsy, through the back ribs, I didn't get £400...

    Sounds a bit worse then mine definitely, I didn't have it through the ribs, was instead through an endoscopy with a camera and some little tissue cutters on the end so I could watch it travelling down my bronchioles on TV, very hard to stop the gag reflex, think they gave me some drug to reduce the gag, and also gave me some kind of date rape drug so I would not remember what happened. In fact not too sure what did happen, but whatever they did to me they felt it was worth £400.

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    Check out the MHRA website for info (for the public) on clinical trials,


    There is a link to the expert report which was commissioned on the Northwick Park incident from this page also.

    You should be able to determine some sort of risk level for what you are participating in by knowing at least if it is the first human study of a particular compound (as it was at Northwick park).

    Another good indicator of risk and likelihood of adverse events or of other 'discomfort' is how much you are getting paid....

    Before you participate you will be given a patient information sheet giving you all the available information on the toxicity and/or side affects of the drug which has been gathered from previous animal and human trials. Read it carefully and make sure you ask any questions about anything you are unsure about, and don't be fobbed off. Several cases in the past of investigators not even showing these to patients, and not telling them they are in a Clinical Trial at all, and forging their signatures on the informed consent form, sometimes because they knew that patients would be unlikely to give consent once they had read the potential outcomes on the information sheet.

    I've never done a drug trial myself although I do work in Clinical Trials. Did have a lung biopsy once so they could test drugs on my tissue once, and got £400, but didn't have to take anything myself. That was nasty, would not want to repeat it.