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    I've just put a couple of bits up in the main classified thread - if someone local wants to collect then will knock a fiver off!


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    Clearing out a few bits that aren't getting used. I'm in Brighton so prices all include postage.

    Restrap Canister bag - £30 - used maybe 3 times total, excellent condition - just given it a wash hence why its on the washing line.

    Lezyne Carbon Road Drive Pump - £40 - great condition, this is the small version which weighs in at 70g so is a WW dream. Comes with Presta hose, I got fed up with this removing the valves from inner tubes. I've just checked the hose and it looks like it has both threaded and slip fit ends which would have made life so much more easier if I had known! (just the pump, no frame mounting kit etc).

    Lezyne Alloy Drive Pump - £14 - great condition, comes with with Presta / Schraeder flex hose (just the pump, no frame mounting kit etc).

    Send me a message if you want anything!

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    Have you had a look at https://robertaxleproject.com ?

    They have an axle finder and if that doesn't work you can print off a measuring guide which might help.

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    Jumping in with my 56cm S6 as thats usually the WW frame of choice.

    It's currently sat at 5.598kg as I borrowed the power meter for my system six (5.612 with it).

    I could lose bits of weight by upgrading to some Darimo bits, maybe something for the future. I would love to see how it feels running some 850g tubulars as well.

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    The website contradicts itself, it suggests if you are sending a gift over £39 then its charged import duty:

    'Goods sent as a gift that are over £39 in value are liable to Import VAT.'

    but also states:

    Goods value: £0.01 to £135
    Customs charges applicable: No Customs Duty No Import VAT

    So I'm still none the wiser!

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    I've been getting stuff shipped regularly from Girona to the UK via UPS over the last few months.

    In October, stuff would generally take 2-4 days (had one thing turn up the next day!).

    December, stuff was taking a little longer, maybe 4-7 days on average.

    January, at least 10 days. Currently waiting for one thing that was shipped on the 17th, stuck in UPS in Barcelona for 5 days and it looks like today it's on the move.

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    1) cozey Medium, Black
    2) Alan_tbt medium black, large grey
    3) GoatandTricycle Medium, Grey x 2 Large, Grey x 1
    4) stelfox
    5) doubleodavey Medium / Black
    6) Big_Ted (Large/Grey please)
    7) miro_o
    8) ltc (1x medium, black 1x large, black and 1x large, olive)
    9) fussballclub Medium / Black
    10) mrJL
    11) Po medium/grey
    12) MicroDosed™ Medium/Olive (Large poppy patch)
    13) Pmccee - large olive
    14) bonk - medium black x 3
    15) PhilDAS - medium olive
    16) roboto (medium/black)
    17) snoops - large black
    18) HarryK Medium, Olive
    19) disq Medium, Dark Olive
    20) ghostface Medium, Olive
    21) cjr
    22) amey (Large poppy patch)
    23) dayday (medium, olive)
    24) M4xime, medium grey
    25) Thrustvector (large, black)
    26) Fieldmouse (medium, grey)
    27) pacef8
    28) Hamham (Medium, Black)
    29) mobe (medium, black)
    30) swmlon (large, olive)
    31) ILb
    32) luft (medium, olive)
    33) Oooooshuaia (medium, olive)
    34) miloas (medium, olive + large, grey)
    35) FourGreenFields
    36) Merak (medium, olive)
    37) iamalex (medium, olive)
    38) LeMesjeu: (medium, grey)
    39) urbs (medium, grey + large, olive)
    40) EstelleGetty
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    53) motoko (medium olive)
    54) TotalShanner Large, Olive
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    56) WilliamJohn (Large, Black)
    57) vneilv (Medium, Olive)
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    71) Saffronspokes (medium grey)
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    75) samdaniel (medium, olive)
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    77) Arvy (Large, Olive) pls
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    I’d like one as well!