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    My straps arrived this morning: Big thank you to Rik and Jol.

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    I could post them at extra cost

    Nice one, thanks Rik (and Jol).

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    postage, where to?


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    Your amazing forumenger London contact is Rik. Once he has them in his hands he will post on here and you can PM him to arrange collection.

    Does this mean that postage is now out of the question?

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    On One Slot Dropout Inbred?

    They're designed to be run with a full 400mm seatpost but frame sizes go up to 20 inches and they have a longer toptube than usual XC geometry.

    As far as I am aware On One have a really good reputation but perhaps there is someone on the forum who can tell you their first hand experience.

    Here's one they made earlier:

    Hope this helps.

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    What the fuck are you talking about?

    I think the OP may be referring to these:

    To be displayed thus:

    They were available via this thread.

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    I have BB7's on the Alf Webb now (not is this pic though) - work a treat

    Finally got the Alf Webb set up just right, swapped out the Thomson layback for a Specialized carbon post, now rides like a dream, my favorite bike i have built yet

    Love this bike, has always stuck in my mind since you first posted it in this thread.

    Is there a noticable difference between using the disc brake with a 'proper' v brake lever and a cross lever?

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    As titanium bike go, I do like to have this Raleigh conversion, the fork too, is titanium I think;

    I love my Paul lever but I wouldn't fancy using that one: Little finger braking?

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    Actually I think they were designed to be ridden like 'that'.

    In terms of comparing it to a bmx, strength wise they would probably be very similar(possibly better except for thin lightweight wheels). A BMX is made out of similar materials, but has a relatively tiny headtube with massive 2pc handlebars.

    Hmm... maybe you are right, I am underestimating them. I didn't mean relegate them to mere novalty when it comes to tricks. They'd certainly stand up to the stresses I would put them under as a rider (I'd probably break before the bike does).

    I think its pretty pointless saying 'why not just get a bmx' it isnt a bmx and I dont think its trying to be.

    I guess, this is what I was trying to say. In my case it probably could replace my bmx but for most they couldn't and aren't supposed too.

    It is a little fun bike.

    Well said.

    I like em - begging for a Tuff on the front for mini HHSB win!

    If you're feeling flush you could always go for Vivalo, Thomson, Chris King etc.

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    heard from skulls on tuesday he has since built one for Ben Wilson...

    I reckon these are going to be seen around a lot more, there's something about them.

    Funnily enough I went rootling about for a picture earlier:

    I didn't post it though because I was distracted by these:

    and the answer is....there's nothing wrong with a bmx..

    That's what I was thinking.

    To make a BMX rideable while seated (properly rideable with same seat height as on a 700c bike) the seat post needs to be around 500mm

    To be fair, that's not a fault with the bmx though, it wasn't designed to be ridden like that.

    In the same way these will probably snap if you start spinning them down stairs but that's because they're not designed as a bmx replacement.

    Just to be clear: I am not trying to justify these bikes in anyway. I think they are thoroughly ludicrous but that's all part of their charm. I will never need one, I just want one.