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    the only good place for records was reddingtons !,

    then it moved, and the staff got cranky

    got my first kiss LP there

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    woop i used to live on manilla road,
    the road where dreams come true.

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    haha cheers, yes i will try to keep you updated,
    although i'll leave out pictures of inflamed arses

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    Depends on your job doesn't it? If you've got to go and build houses or something you're gonna be pretty damn tired. If you're a lazy IT geek then you get 8 hours solid sitting on your arse recovery.

    Lab work, half lazy, but keeps the legs moving - prevent siezing up! :)


    I think the only thing which would bugger me there is the work in the middle, you will be up for really long hours too which will drain all your energy.

    But best of luck mate, let us know how you get on.

    yes, if im up from 4, and asleep by 8pm, i get 8 hours sleep still :)

    I am almost certain that you will bugger yourself, for which I applaud you!

    If your goal is to improve fitness and performance, I would recommend a rest day in the middle to allow some recuperation. But then, I'm not sure that that is your goal.


    week of death starts 22nd march.
    i will use next week to time the ride a few times.

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    haha jung and hippy , thats more like it.

    clive - i shall most definately be geared. I was thinking of taking a photo of my face each day to see if the demoralisation and exhaustion begins to show.

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    I would train to get fit enough to attempt a regime like that.

    Are you doing flat miles or hills? Circuits or different routes?

    Maybe i didn't elaborate too much, I'm fit enough to do it, it will be a challenge though - the distance is one thing, holding down the job at the same time is ofcourse going to make it really hard.

    it is a very hilly route i would say, with a couple of long climbs, its out south of birmingham, and there are some challenging sections, most definately not flat -

    Unless you are a pro road rider that isnt 'training' for anything.

    What are you actually intending to train for?

    intending to train: for fun. I know its not training for anything, I just fancy it.

    400 miles in a week is nothing spectacular in itself. I have done more but only after a long period of training and then focusing everything on the ride and not going to work.

    I know, i have done much furthur in a week, when not working.

    Training is pointless unless you are training for something and doing 'one). weeks of intensive training' will either piss you off or damage your body. ).

    as long as i don't damage my body, and i only piss myself off, then thats ok.

    Riding a bike, in the main, is just like walking and anybody can do long distance providing they eat well beforehand, eat and drink frequently on the ride and travel at a pace they find comfortable.

    that was more the kind of stuff I was looking for,
    but i guess i know a lot of the answers already.

    Oh well, sounds like its generally considered pointless or a bad idea - I'll let you know how it goes