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    dude, best love story ever...
    someone found it leaning at 'too weird an angle' abandoned in a road not too far from where it was taken, so took it in of the street.



    getting a pic of ur bike shared amoungst as many social media accounts as poss was the key!!

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    update on Veloshrimp's bike:

    potential sighting outside Cafe O'Porto on Golborne Rd w10 5PS around 10am this morning.. we've got a guy looking around there now but no sightings since...

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    bumpo - what happened to this - still selling?

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    @Oliver Schick @>>>>>>
    bahaha you guys are the best :)

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    To the guy on the nice orange steel track who whip skidded a puddle in my face - hai

    @Botherington haha i think i heard you exclaim!

    i'd been doing that way too much this winter... made a mini tidal wave just last week - must. stop. skid. splashing!

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    I will be at LMNH Old Street between 12:00-13:00(maybe later) on Wednesday 21st

    If you want your shirt brought down, copy this post and add your name to list


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    ... the rock bottom prices of njs steel as a result😊

    it's definitely not dead as long as I'm still able to shred to work!

    long live riding like we do 🙏

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    A pals new-ish carbon hybrid was stolen a few days ago in Clapham :(

    I know it'll be hard to spot a stock bike like this but if anyone does please throw a lock on it and get in touch by DM! alerts are ON

    I've told them to check brick lane on Sunday morn/ebay/gumtree/and near the crime scene because you never know...

    *I attach a picture which is the exact bike as my stolen one, in exactly the same colour scheme. The full name / details are listed below :

    2016 Scott Solace 30 Flat Bar disc XL
    Frame no. : SGR01F25815050723B

    Other distinguishing features / marks are PINHEAD through axle locking wheel nuts on both wheels, a PINHEAD locking seat post bolt & a PINHEAD locking handlebar nut. Basically if the person that has the bike gets a puncture – they can’t take the wheel off !*

    We all know that they probably can and/or don't care, and will flog to someone unknowing...

    It's just awesome when bikes are recovered, especially through the lfgss community so here's hoping!! 😊


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    @|³|MA3K all black errythang \m/_

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    A2 and E6 both size M please John!