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    i've got a BB (BSC cup and cone style) i've got to fix

    • the RH cup has come out fine, the left will not budge - i'm considering using the right hand side as the adjustable side (effectively using the stuck left cup as the fixed cup now )

    technically it will work no problem - (the conventional set of fixed cup onthe right is just that - a convention), but the availability of parts to do it might be the problem,

    i've seen cartridge style BBs that have both cups as adjustable
    for eg. this :

    • i have one of these and could take the reverse thread lockring off it if need be -

    the real problem is finding a RH flangless cup that will protrude enough when set for me to attach the lockring- does such a thing exist as a problem solver or just as a standard part of an existing cup and cone BB?

    i'll continue to try to remove the intransigent LH cup - and look into the possibility of grinding a flange off an existing RH bb cup and thread locking / grub screwing it in to keep it tight .
    i'm just hoping a part might be out there to sort this with no further ado .


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    how much is the state cycle, that looks quite nice?

    not sure the problem with the slack chain people have mentioned is really that big a deal - i think there may be a way it can be fixed so it wouldn't put me off really

    • i reckon if i took it to a bike shop they could remedy that. . maybe even a post in the technical section might reveal a solution,
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    This having being said, i'd say you've over paid for it if it was 250 -
    i'd not expect anyone to bail you out of that - the best you can rationally hope for is a clueless customer or to reduce your losses by selling it for what it's worth

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    " 6 but it's seriously light, has a stellar paint job and rides like a dream, everything is in working order so I would say £250 is a fair asking price. " every bike 'rides like a dream' according to the seller, and the fact that it's all working is one of it's selling points sends a message all of it's own.

    the clearing price is not some sort of constant as if it's the speed of light - you've offered the supply - but the demand is now something you've messed up - and you've added transaction costs - people's time -

    ask a million for it - that's fair- you can ask whatever you want. the market will come to you or walk away, that's how it works.
    if you're talking about clearing this within the capitalist system of the market then fair has nothing to do with it, realistic might be a better way to go. drop it consecutively until someone takes it - i.e. dutch auction.

    lowering demand in those willing to be swayed by personal feeling towards you has already been accomplished quite skilfully, so you've effectively reduced your market to those who'll make a rational decision on the item and it's price. )_ but even they are not being allowed to know what the item actually is - i doubt a Raleigh has full chrome columbus forks so something somewhere is not right in either the stickering or the text
    being scant and fishy with the details means even the rational rump must race to the bottom and assume the worst.

    no one's going to assume it's peach - but rather a lemon:

    ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Market­_for_Lemons

    generally - what it has been bought for is no consequence at all - neither is the buyer's attitude - i'd buy this off Hitler for the right price even if someone had payed him to take it initially. No history, no future - it's worth what it's worth

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    the bike doesn't look bad as such per se for a runaround - but either it's not Raleigh or the forks aren't original - or they've had wrong stickers on - also it's not compact as in a sloping top tube and it's not short and tight - both frame and forks have mudguard eyes - it's a club bike -

    is it fixed or just single speed?

    i'd reckon c. 130 to 170 is about fair depending on a few factors such as what the crank / hubs etc are.

    i think the rules say not ebay as well as here - not sure about gumtree / other forums

    • can't see why not everywhere at the same time really.
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    more randonnuer frames. for sale

    one with great paint black / white 130gbp -
    the other painted well, but in non-original colour - yellow 89

    pics and more details to follow

    all listings are invitation to view , COD, first cash takes bike - i won't be making any other commitments or arrangements. <<<

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    Yes that's a user name on here.

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    ask 'the bonk' on here about leather shoes - last year he took a load new but a old school style