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    Re: private v. public, I just set my rides to upload as private by default then make public the ones I want to share. This is an easy way to record all the things without boring people and yes there's no excuse.

    Generally Strava annoys me more now than it did, but that might just be because I'm getting older.

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    Exploring Kent Downs and bagging hill climb KOMs is exactly what I use it for, and logging training. I’ve discovered live segments are an excellent way to nail outdoor intervals without a power meter.


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    Nvme hard drive (not m2.SSD)

    Interested in why not M2.SSD? Also do you mean NVME SSD or do you actually mean NVME HDD?

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    Does anyone know where the nearest decent coffee place is to Mile End station please?

    Seems to be a bit of a third wave coffee free zone from what I can see but I'm new here.

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    Bear in mind that larch needs stainless fixings due to the tannin in the wood. If you use non-stainless it will eventually stain.

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    How durable is larch out of interest?

    Pretty durable. We have it in our garden but also cladding the outside of part of our flat.

    I went for larch because it's harder than cedar (the hardest of the softwoods) and I prefer the colour/look of it to cedar. As you probably know it ages to a nice silver colour. If you pick up a piece of larch and a piece of cedar of the same dimensions the larch is noticeably heavier as it's more dense.

    We used Siberian larch because it's better quality (fewer knots due to the colder weather) in 21 x 38mm planed all round pieces. A few of these have warped slightly but that's literally a few out of a hell of a lot of larch - our initial order was 1000m and we had to make another one too. Bought it from Vincent Timber in Brum who I'd recommend.

    When I did all this I hadn't really seen a larch IRL. Have done since and they're beautiful trees, was in Herefordshire recently and they're planted all over the place for ornamental reasons so they get really high.

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    I can't see the transitions, I just see Bill Hader. Is it just me? I couldn't see the difference in the Arnold one either.

    There's either something wrong in my brain or these are just a massive wind up.

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    Round Pond, Hyde Park
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    Hub Vélo CC is running a tube station themed scavenger hunt style race on Sunday 25th of August.

    The idea's pretty simple: you devise your own route from the round pond in Hyde Park to Hub Vélo in Clapton, taking in as many tube stations as you can in three hours.

    After we've all arrived at the shop we will move on to the nearby Clapton Hart to enjoy a refreshing beverage whilst the winners are verified and prize giving will commence.

    There's also a route devising only prize for those who don't feel like riding or get more enjoyment from just planning the best route.

    • Entry is £1
    • You have 3 hours to collect the most tube stations you possibly can.

    There will be prizes for:

    • The Highest points scored
    • The first person to collect each of the three Hub Vélo stations
    • The best route
    • The Wooden spoon for the last person back to Hub Vélo.

    There will be a few prizes on offer for various pre-announced categories and some that will be announced on the day.

    We figured this might be up your street if you're on here and everyone knows this will be best done fixed, so hope to see some of you there.

    Full info on the Facebook event here:

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    I know EF being hipster ain't exactly news but this guy is doing particularly well I feel...