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    Thanks Oliver

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    Thanks Skülly and Mashton for the extra pics and for doing the tag justice - it’s quietly amazing and the story behind it is worth checking out

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    There's a cab out the front with your name on it, Skully!
    Anyway, a picture clue

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    Stormtrooper in Barnes, Gerard Road

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    sansovino's was the church between the Hogarth roundabout in Chiswick and the river:

    those who don't like churches should look away now....


    (apologies in advance for any sizing problems)

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    Shark through the roof of 2, New High Street, Headington...

    new tag is both new and old...

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    ...a route out to Pinewood? ...

    The Oxford route is a lovely way to get to Pinewood - did it yesterday to Cookham.


    From Richmond – over Richmond Bridge through St Margarets – L at mini roundabout with Castle pub on the left
    T – Turn R – Twickenham Road
    L – St John’s Road (B363) toward Isleworth
    T – Turn L – London Road (A315)
    R – Spring Grove Road (B363) – cross A4 towards Heston on Heston Rd (B363)
    L – New Heston Road
    L – Vicarage Farm Road
    R – Cranford Lane – all the way to and then left down Cranford High St
    R – Park Lane (just before meeting A4) > Cranford Lane to Harlington > Sipson Lane
    T – Turn R – Sipson Road (A408)
    T – Turn L – Holloway Lane (A3044)
    R – Hammondsworth Road (over M4) > Station Road (towards West Drayton)
    L – Church Road
    T – Turn L (over M25)
    R – Thorney Lane S > Thorney Lane N (towards Iver)
    T – Turn L – High St (B470) > Langley Park Road
    R – Wood Lane (by Red Lion pub) straight across roundabout > Pinewood Road pass Pinewood Studios on L

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    ...apparently the FCO paid for it to be replaced in 2000-1.

    Think they spent all their coppers on the roof.