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    Wanted: 25.4 stem. 120 or 130mm long and black. Does anyone have anything?

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    My prolapsed disc was cervical. so I was advised by my surgeon that risk was low. Tbh, for me it was a risk worth taking..... Think the risks may be different if it's a lumbar disc..... I'd imagine recovery to be more difficult too .

    See what your consultant says once you finally get an MRI, I'm sure they'll articulate any risks if they propose surgery

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    yet more

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    more pics

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    I'm moving house soon, so I'm having a clear out. Collection and viewing welcome in Levenshulme.

    -Dura Ace seatpost, 25.5cm long. £20

    • Selle San Marco Regal. shoulders pretty scuffed up as shown. £5
    • Miche 50t chainring 144bcd. for 3/32 chains. NOS. £10
      -Schwalbe Ultremo ZX 23mm tyre. new and boxed . £5
    • Selle Italia SLR. Reasonable condition- stupid light at 135g. £25
    • Sugino 75 chainset - NJS stamped, 50t chainring. MKS pedals seized into crank arms. Imagine they'll come out with attention. hence £35.
    • FSA Headset. Unused in box. £10
    • Miche Supertype seatpost. 20cm long. £20
    • Campagnolo fluted seatpost. 27.2mm 17.5cm long. £20 based on eBay sold listings
    • Campagnolo Record 10 speed FD- well used . £5
    • Dura Ace 7710 Track Cranks with SRAM Omnium 48t chainring. NJS stamped, 170mm crank arms. £70
    • Miche track Chainset with 49t chainring. 165mm long arms. Square taper. £45
    • Cane Creek SSCR singlespeed levers. Scruffy but working. £4

    I also have 56cm Donohue built Graham Weigh Track frame. 853 aero tubing, Dura Ace 7710 chainset and Dura Ace BB, and a set of Mavic CXP30 tubs built onto high flange dura ace track hubs. I can take pics and price up if anyone is interested.

    OT I also need to get rid of some HiFi Kit and furniture. Cyrus 2 amp and PSX, Audioengine 2 active speakers, Dynaudio Audience 52 speakers. 1st gen NOS apple TV.

    Furniture as follows - Walnut Art Deco wardrobe, Mid century black leather armchair, x2 knockoff Eames DAR chairs. White leather habitat chair .

    I can post pics and prices for the above if anyone is interested.

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    Ah bugger. If the MRI shows a prolapsed / ruptured disc and surgery is possible, go for it. Best thing I ever did after 6 months of pain.... almost instant relief.

    Just a shame the NHS treatment pathways take so long until they refer you for an MRI.

    I got back to training after surgery. Took a long time to build my back up, I was very careful not to go too fast.... But back to lifting heavy now

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    Was thinking of an rn602, with 2 sets of wired speakers. I'm renovating a house, so running wires about is not an issue. May get so e of the wireless Yamaha speakers for the bedroom though ...

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    Thanks, sounds like a good choice. Need to find some discreet speakers for the kitchen. I'm not quite sold on ceiling speakers.....

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    Thanks, the flexibility with speakers with the Yamaha kit is good. Think when it comes to sound quality it'll offer the best bang for buck. We had a Sonos in my old office. Lovely to use, sound quality was meh.

    Have you used the musicast app much, and if so is it any good?