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    Ah shit.

    Like cupcakes above I haven't been in direct contact with Andy since moving out of London, but was always in awe of the way he seemed to bounce back, both physically and mentally, after each awful set back.

    So sorry it finally got you, Andy.

    Wherever you are, keep pedalling and smiling.


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    Isle of Wight, UK
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    I'm out.

    Got a client presentation on Thursday morning that I cannot be sub-par on, and forum drinks is not compatible with that, but no matter how much I try to kid myself...

    In the new year I'll be staying Wednesday nights chez Mr and Mrs @greenhell (ohai) for a bit so will be much closer for South based fun.

    Happy Jebusday etc.

    T4 over and out

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    I'll try and make it!

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    Very likely yes. Hopefully we can work something out that we're all happy with

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    Doesn't this exist already as part of your tenancy agreement? i.e. you are liable for damage to the property and presumably the garage beyond wear and tear.

    Yes it does, but our landlord seems to want to be part of a specific contract for parking rental. I'll push him a bit as to reasons why.

    Probably. How much do you need the money?

    Not hugely, but it would help. Especially as the OH works for Evans. And that's a big pile of shit waiting to hit a big fucking fan...

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    Hi all.

    Advice required from anyone with similar experience / lawyer-types...

    Moved house recently to a rental property in Bath. We are super close to the centre (like 5 mins walk) and train station (3 mins ).

    It has come to my attention that parking in Bath is severely limited and like any good capitalist I'm toying with the idea of renting out our parking space for a few months, as we don't currently have a car.

    Our landlord is up for it, but understandably wants a contract in place between us, him and and the space renter to say that if any damage is caused, it will be paid for by the renter of the space (or us as tenants).

    I've seen some templates on the internet, but none cover a 3-way contract, or whatever you would call this. Also I'm wondering how enforceable a contact would be that simply states that the renter is liable for damage caused. Would this stand up in court if they knocked down a wall for example? Or dented the garage door?

    Would I be better creating a single contract with the renter that states they're liable (with photos of current condition) and maybe taking a reasonable damage deposit up front?
    Then also creating some sort of contract between us and our landlord to say that we'll cover /reclaim any money owed for damages and deal with any repairs ourselves?

    Or is this all too much faff for not much gain and too much risk?

    Any advice appreciated.

    (also I realise I will have to pay tax on any earnings)

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    I saw it in sainos Brockley recently.
    Did a double take.
    Furiously perused ingredients list.
    Felt weird about how realistic it looked.
    Then put it back in the fridge.
    Should really have bought it I suppose.