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    "on here" guy in Crofton Park budgens around 6.30 tonight. Cycling cap and black backpack. I think it was your bike outside - single speed black thing with bullhorns and double TT bar end levers. I was inside in the queue with beacoup de merlot.

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    The Old Red Lion, Kennington Park Road, London
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    Weather permitting, on Saturday 12th Nov @ 12pm myself and anyone else with a reckless attitude and a thirst for beer are going to undertake a mini-tour of South West London Antic pubs.

    There are 28+ in South London; I've picked a selection in the SW area, as we focused more East of this last time.

    We begin our journey at midday at The Old Red Lion in Kennington and continue until we're done or barred, whichever comes first.

    Timings subject to change:

    12:00 Meet at Old Red Lion, Kennington
    12:45 Depart
    13:00 Arrive Sun of Camberwell, Camberwell
    13:45 Depart
    14:00 Arrive Effra Social, Brixton
    14:45 Depart
    15:00 Arrive Knowles of Norwood, West Norwood
    15:45 Depart
    16:00 Arrive Pratts and Payne, Streatham
    16:45 Depart
    17:00 Arrive Tooting Tram & Social, Tooting
    17:45 Depart
    17:45 Arrive Graveney & Meadow, Tooting (beside Tooting Tram - no cycling required!)
    18:30 Depart
    18:45 Arrive Hagen & Hyde, Balham
    19:30 Depart
    19:35 Arrive Balham Bowls Club, Balham (beside Hagen & Hyde - no cycling required!)

    ~10 miles, easy pace.

    We'll keep this thread updated on our progress, if anyone wishes to join in later in the afternoon.

    If the weather is crap we'll reschedule for the following Saturday, or whenever works.

    Everyone welcome, so long as you can handle your drink and ride a bike at the same time :)

    Everyone welcome.

    Bring a lock - this is South London, my friend...

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    The sun of camberwell
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    Who's up for round 2?

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    I laughed so much on the way home that my cheeks hurt! Yay lfgss!

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    Thanks y'all. Wonderful evening. So many folks I really like but rarely see. Several people have requested that this become a more regular thing. I'll try to keep it going! Maybe once a month.

    Watch this space.


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    Ah good :)

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    Rob and I and hopefully Claira will be there maybe 6.30?

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    Spam alert : forum beers happening at the ivy house in nunhead this Friday evening.