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    Seems like the fixie equivalent of removing braze-ons from a "dumpster find".

    The first one looks pretty cool, but so many are far to chopped down with no real thought to the overall aesthetic. If you're hell-bent on converting/fucking up a bike, at least put some thought in.

    The only consideration on a lot of them is what the shortest possible space an arse can sit on.

    (grumpy start to the day)

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    Does anyone know of an easy way to unfollow all?

    I googled and it looks like 3rd party apps are the way to go. I used instant cleaner, but it requires you buying the premium version to be of any use.

    Any other options? Or is it easier to delete my account and start over?


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    I'd suggest calling up those we-buy-any-bike type dealers. The sort that will collect and then part out.

    Otherwise gumtree listing + "here is a project that I just haven't had time for."

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    Cheers. I guess in the grand scheme of things and as a % of the boots it's manageable.

    I tried on a couple of Dianese boots. The Gore-tex ones are good vfm but still didn't quite hit the mark.

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    Does anyone have any experience of Gore-Tex boots vs their non-Goretex counterparts?

    I’m trying to weigh up whether to go for the Gore-Tex version of the TCX S-Speed.
    standard = £170
    regular waterproof/breathable = £190
    Gore-tex = £220

    An extra £20 for the waterproof version make sense for commuting. But another £30 / £50 makes it quite pricey. Will I actually notice the difference?

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    Reminds me of that fgg pinarello crossed with this:

    It turns out it was the cut out switch on the clutch. Still confused how levers that were meant to be compatible interferes with a fundamental part of the clutch.

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    Looks rad. What a lovely day for it too.

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    Bike: 2015 Scrambler EFI

    • The bike was knocked over and there was damage to:
      o Speedo bracket
      o Clutch hand leaver
      o Clutch foot peg
    • I replaced the clutch foot peg two weeks ago, and I can’t remember but I’m sure I started the bike after to check it all worked. It hasn’t been run since though.
    • I can’t remember when but at some point I took the speedo off to work out what to do about it and put it back on, all plugged in.
    • Last week I put the missing gaitors back on by taking the calliper, wheel, mudguard (fender) off then sliding the shocks out and putting it all back together.
    • Today I replaced the bent aftermarket clutch hand leaver with a non-OEM stock one.
    • After installing I went to check the adjustment and tried to start the bike, but it wouldn’t start.
    • I have plugged in an optimate.

    Bike won’t start.
    I turn the key in the ignition, hold the clutch down, press the ignition switch nothing happens – there is no noise, and it doesn’t turn on.
    When turning the key the starter lights come on as they should but the Engine Management System Malfunction Indicator Light(?) comes on and stays on. Although thinking about it I’m sure it’s always on until the engine turns over.

    Any ideas?
    Or more to the point where do I start to identify what the actual issue is.
    I have a volt meter (which I need to remember how to use). I have a Haynes manual - which I also need to work out how to use, it doesn’t feel very intuitive.

    other possibly(?) relevant info
    No side stand.
    I don’t know if this is of any significance, but the front right indicator wasn’t working and the rear right was blinking at the wrong speed. I Noticed the right wing mirror mount wasn’t straight, so I straightened it and made sure all the connections were tight and the combination resolved.


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    She does pose some challenging questions: Does the current multiculturalism we live under in this country work?

    I don't think she does pose challenging questions, because most of what I've heard seems to come from a totally falsified position. Within her diatribe it is surely inevitable topics worth exploring pop up.

    I find the whole "multiculturalism" debate fruitless. No one ever gives 1) a proper definition of multiculturalism, and 2) a clear explanation of what "working" or succeeding really means.

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    Personally I can't see any grounds she'd have for bringing an appeal, having read the judgment

    I am curious to know what the grounds would be. Ianal but nothing I've heard seems controversial about this case.

    I listened to that R4 media show and KH kept positioning it as hinging totally as being based on how the claimant "felt" and claimed no evidence of loss was provided.