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    Inherently racist? Em, how so?

    White Christian club, full of white Christians, exclusively for the benefit and advancement of white Christians?

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    Why can't my other half's phone connect to the chrome cast?

    Background :

    • UK android phone
    • UK chromecast
    • in the US
    • location on
    • wifi on
    • my US phone connects and my UK phone connect
    • both using the same wifi

    Every time I search I get a load of useless results saying "if other devices dont connect it may be your router. I assume this is Google rigging the results to prevent people sharing faults in their product.

    Any ideas?

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    Did you buy your new place alread?!

    Roughly what sort of thing do you want doing and in what part of London? My mate has a building company that does a lot of high end work I can pm you his details if you want. He's done plenty of London rear and loft extensions to the sort of spec you posted.

    As to architects; if you need planning then it's worth getting one. But you don't necessary need a fancy one with offices in Spitlefields. There are plenty who'll just draw plans as instructed and submit.

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    You're welcome.

    (So far) they have allowed you to set up a second one once the first 12m one ends. Whereas NW only let you have a smaller £250p/m @5% once the £500p/m is up.

    Overall they seem like a decent bank and have v. low SEPA fees if you want to move EUR.

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    You don't ever look at a watch and like it as a piece of watch design and manufacturing but wouldnt want to own it yourself?

    Of course:



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    Sure it's been asked, but:

    £25 a month into a kids savings account.
    What's the best thing?
    Crack, Bitcoin,ISA, savings account, ?

    What Drakien said in his post.

    If you/they are starting from £0 and you haven't maxed out both you and your partners ISA allowance then it's not worth looking at baby ISAs. Fill yours first.

    At the level your talking about I'd be more inclined to look at bank savings accounts like Nationwide or First Direct. Something like the FD one allows up to £300 p/m, topping up the last months if you've missed it (I think). If I'm right, that would allow you to put an extra £550 at any point if say they got birthday money. With FD you'll loose all the interest if you withdraw or don't pay, whereas (I think) NW allows you to withdraw in any one month as long as you top it back up - either of those points may/maynot be important to you.

    In terms of risk, they are young, so in theory you should be looking at a higher risk profile. However, as you're not talking about a lot of money right now I'd focus over the next 3yrs on building up the pot at a real-inflation-beating interest rate. Then, once you have nearer £1k look at putting that lump into a tracker ISA, and start over with your monthly payments into whatever easy access, free, high interest account is available.

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    @spotter - could CAB not just write a stern letter for you to send on?

    Honestly, this is probably my favourite thread. It was definitely waning, but has thankfully picked up.

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    I like Bloc


    Excellent lenses and the same quality as Luxottica.

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    For some reason recently I keep lusting after Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16. Just the right balance between rude boy and Beirut Taxi.