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    tory party policy.


    How is it any more "tory party policy" than Labour policy?

    There is plenty wrong with Conservative policy, but neither are elements of it. They are both consequences of successive poor government at every level and across all parties.

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    Exactly the sort of typical elitest comment I'd expect from the metropolitana.

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    Incredibly long post by Dom Cummings on why he thinks the referendum went the way it did.


    I've just finished this and also the first part of a long blog post on his Whitehall experiences: dominiccummings.wordpress.com/20­14/10/30/the-hollow-men-ii-some-reflecti­ons-on-westminster-and-whitehall-dysfunc­tion/

    I've found both incredibly interesting and thought provoking. In particular his statements on behavior and focused results based action.

    @dancing james - to bring it round to your question(s), I don't know. But the best starting point would be to set clear objectives and look at where previous approaches have failed/succeed. For example I think the objectives of fighting bigotry and preventing Brexit are separate and require different solutions.

    I'd also like to pick up on the phrasing of;

    the confused and deceived "will of the people" to be enacted?

    this is an idea that is often aired (me inc.). I wonder if this isn't just our own rationalisation of how other people could come to a different view than ours, formed by our bias. It also smacks of the sort of condensation so many are apparently sick of.

    How have we come to the view that people were either confused or deceived?

    Perhaps it's thinking of leave voters in these terms which makes us remainers unable to engage them properly.

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    Just realised the list function on here reformatted everything in a slightly confusing way.

    Issue 1, thud-dud-dud-da sound didn't go from the drag braking. Just in case, when I drove it I was cautious about braking.

    The slight resistant feeling on the brakes remained.

    @Bullheart - cheers. With the recent weather that was sort of my thought. I expected a combination of rust on the discs and just general road grime.

    I have tried to be quite good at rinsing the car down after long drives on salty roads - not sure if it makes much difference though, but for the sake of 2mins with a hose...

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    Thought this might be the place to ask... the other evening my better half drove my car (BMW Mini) for the first time in over two weeks and two things cropped up that concerned her.

    Issue 1: thud-dud-dud-da sound as the car moves slowly or slows down to a stop.

    • I’ve pumped the tyres to the recommended psi
    • had a look at the wheel arches - nothing there
    • driven the car for a couple of 45min drives

    It seems to have gone, or at least greatly decreased. But I still want to know what it was. The problem didn’t go when I pumped the tyres up.

    A quick search online threw up the suggestion that nylon-cord tyres (as opposed to steel) can have flat spots when cold. The tyres, Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde, were replaced in September - nothing online seems to confirm/deny what they are made with.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

    Issue 2: There is a dragging noise to the brakes – pretty sure it’s the rear discs, but hard to know for certain.

    • I’ve braked suddenly (albeit from a slow speed) and the ABS kicked in and stopped the car fine.
    • I’ve dragged the brake while driving slowly for a short time.

    I feel confident the brakes work, and would have expected Kwickfit to have tried to sell me new brake pads in September if they were near wearing out.

    Any tips on what I should be checking though as a check list?


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    I definitely don't think socialists are Nazis.
    Then why did you ask why there were not?

    Sorry I read that as you interpreting me as saying socialists are Nazis - which would be quite extreme, when I was making the point the other way around.

    My original issue was following a response to comment about what happens when you mix nationalists and socialists... and then using the analogy of N. Korea's relationship to democracy which I think is a dishonest.

    @Oliver Schick I think out the window is too strong when you look at some of their social policies (and a very small number of economic ones). But they were clearly flexible on many "beliefs".

    Equally, it is hard to know whether they wouldn't have brought more of the economic aims back had they survived longer.

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    Definitely. With current events I'm just struck more then ever at how weak some of these structures are.... to the point that I question it totally.

    TBF I have also tried to brush up on some of their weird as fuck alt right (and some extreme left) sites/posts. And the thing that strikes me is that many seem to use these lables as tribal identifiers, rather than really believing chapter and verse.