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    Could be bad for those who park their bikes in the same spot everyday... isn't this giving potential theives an opportunity?

    Someone regularly mentions on the stolen bikes thread that you should try and avoid this, but some commuters have no other option......

    wtf? you should step out of your house one day.

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    isn't it easier to have the front wheel pointing the same way as the crank that is forward? Left crank forward, point left.

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    Nice one Digby, looks pretty damn pleasant. Found many brethren out there? It's truly shit for riding here at the moment; most of the snow's gone now though so I can feel a proper ride coming on.

    Yeah, it's sweet, there's riders in the big cities but none here at least afaik. Man, i've been reading that you guys have had a massive cold winter, I'm kinda glad I missed it!

    Good to see digby coping with the inclement weather out in NZ then....

    apart from being a tad warmer to the 30's in summer, it's sweet! dunno if I got to meet you in ncl?

    All the best guys, hope you get some decent weather!

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    after a quick jump in:

    (sorry for you all stuck in winter :D )

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    greetz, lock your bikes safe!

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    you can run a 1/8th on a 3/32 chain-ring/cog. I've done a hundred miles odd using a 1/8th on 3/32, seems fine. iirc you can't use 3/32 chain on 1/8 chain-ring/cog.

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    good luck with that, I doubt you would get any reynolds frames pre-war, more 1950's-60's
    this is where you need to be looking: http://www.bikerecycling.net/ they usually have plenty old bikes hiding in the back.