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    Schwalbe are good, IME

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    Someone on YACF is looking for Superbe Pro parts if this is likely to interest them - https://yacf.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic­=106652.0 (need to be a member to see classifieds).

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    Canary Wharf police who apparently don't give a fuck

    They're not police. They're private security guards, with uniforms that ought to get them nicked for impersonating a copper.

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    Sealy Posturepedic - free to good home (well, any home really) ...

    Reasonable condition (not too many stains ...) but it's a few years old and definitely secondhand: decent enough for a spare room though.

    Collect from SE7 - PM if interested. You've probably got about a week before we put it out for the council to pick up.

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    A new window unit will cost £80

    Probably not.

    We knocked our rear wall out recently and replaced it with a glass bifurcating door.

    They're not cheap.

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    600 Tricolore RD any good?

    Probably not if the OP's looking for Campag, but you never know ...

    Think I've got a Veloce knocking around, but probably 9-speed - too late?

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    Musty Springfield

    Dully Parton

    The Incredible String Bland

    Rink Floyd

    Depeche Chode

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    The three course lunch with wine thing may be a French affectation - but one I think should be encouraged. I think you get a whistle as a five minute warning before departure - but you'd best have already finished your faffing.

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    Cheers, I hadn't looked on Toolstation. Although I really need a definitive answer from building control on how many smoke alarms I need, 8 seems excessive for a 3 bed flat but details on what you need if you don't have fire doors is scarce.

    Have a look at Aico/Ei gear - several different ranges, and radio link bases so you can make the alarms talk to each other where running cables isn't going to happen. Ours are powered from the local lighting circuit, with long-life battery backup, so all I had to do was run a couple of feet of cable above the ceiling from each light fitting.

    The installation guide on their site is pretty good in terms of suggesting where you should site them. (But yes, eight sounds about right if you're putting one in every circulating and living space - 3x beds, 2 or 3 in hall/landing/stair, 2 or 3 in kitchen/dining/living.)

    As for suppliers, the SafeLincs site is reasonable - rarely the cheapest, but fairly competitive, and lets you see a lot of ranges in one place. (I think it started as a trading arm of a safety partnership including the local fire service, so again, they're pretty good on advice.)

    Mind you, I think we got our alarms in dribs and drabs from a bunch of ebay sellers, and saved a fortune.