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    Left house early today for important meeting and got side swiped on the way in.. Shoulder slowly starting to hurt like fuck.. Will have to go and sit aimlessly in A&E soon... Great start to the week...

    At least i have witnesses/video/details and now off to read the "what to do thread"

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    Hey Yoda - i though i saw you going the wrong way at one point, i think as i was heading into watlington. Shame you had doen the worst of it. Thought about bailing a few times but with no gps i would only end up getting more lost.

    Managed to catch a mate who went off in one of the earlier groups as i was going towards turville. descent from watlington to turville was a real boneshaker and by that point sitting was hard work. but was enough chatter to keep me going towards the end and we split off going up the climb from wycombe. Thankfully another water stop at the top of the hill (the grumpy marshals) and the water pistols a bit further on really helped cool me down for a bit.

    Just disappointed i had to bail going up whiteleaf this year, cramp everywhere but glad i finished

    Really missed not having my Garmin to show distance and help me measure my effort so had my stop watch going and would check every hour how far i had gone. Not ideal but managed it for a bit though by the end was a bit muddled and was struggling with the maths.

    Seemed to be a lot more cars on the road this year as well especially up bison hill where not only did i have to contend with the climb i was worried about losing momentum and having to walk.

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    Hi Jim, finished in 7hrs 53min. It was brutal today and the heat really got to me. Just couldn't get enough fluids in. I had cramp from about half way which meant plenty of swearing and had to stop more than I would have liked. Descending was hard work and the potholes were everywhere.

    Met another forummunger on the way round, sorry didn't catch your name.

    Would I recommend doing this ride fixed.. no don't be so fucking stupid. Would I so it again, maybe but only if it's cooler.
    This was my third year on fixed and by far the hardest.

    Well done to everyone that got round.

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    Chiltern 100 specific tips
    The first few miles are fairly rolling as you head out of amersham, just watch for the potholes and mental drivers... But you should be in a big enough group at this point not to worry too much.
    Once the hills start they keep on coming with little respite so just pace yourself a bit.
    There is usually a ten miles to go marker so you can get your head down and put in a tough 10 time as thats all there is to it.
    Oh and last year it was 117 miles so make sure you are ready for that too.
    Whiteleaf is steep and has a couple of false flats - get into your own tempo and stick to it
    Wardrobes has a nasty left turn half way, go as far wide to the right to reduce the steepenss of the turn - this one is tough in a car so go far as you can

    Usual riding tips:

    do some long rides beforehand and make sure there are some steep hills in there too - i ride a lot of this route including the two tougest climbs - whiteleaf and wardrobes - a few times in the weeks building up just to check form
    Eat and drink properly - last food stop gets a bit empty as the shorter routes come through also
    First big hill is Bison and last is watlington so if you can make it that far the rest is relatively simple
    dont go off too fast and make sure you get in a group so you can share the load and have people to talk to
    dont hang around at stops - grab drinks food and then go
    do it on fixed ;-)

    If you see me come and say hello

    Gold fixie - probably the only one there

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    In for this again fixed. Aiming for silver this year after not being too far off last year. Of course the real challenge is making it yup whiteleaf hill.

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    Sunday was the Chiltern100. I did the gran fondo fixed in 7hrs 30mins. Turns out we cant count in the country as it was 111miles. A real relief to see the 10mile to go marker and got loads of encouragement going up the climbs.
    Had all sorts of weather from glourious sunshine to heavy rain, but all told it was a great day in the saddle.
    Some friends doing the medio were halted by loads of punctures as some locals decided they would spread tacks across the road. Not heard anything more about it yet - but loads of people getting mutliple punctures in a small stretch of road is more than coincidence, unless of course a lorry carrying drawing pins shed its load on the potholes (and there were some chasms) in the lanes.

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    You can ride it twice if you like

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    Anyone out riding the chiltern 100


    I will be there on my fixed - grinding up all 21 of the steep little climbs they have put in this year