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    Wow... Subbed for future reference :-)

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    Yeah, I used my plan to build up towards a couple of 100s although I did try to fit a couple of other races in as training runs. I'm not sure what mileage I'll be hitting over winter in preparation for the sdw50, but given I want to ride some audax and other commitments I recon I'll be underprepared too.

    Also wore my vibram toe shoes for an easy 5k with the gf this evening... Saw two foxes so clearly they enhanced my connection with nature :-)

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    Recommendations for places to eat near South Ken tube station?

    Someone mentioned a Lebanese place called Comptoir Libanais, any good? Any other suggestions?

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    Am I right in thinking that etap is still only available as a full group?

    I'd only want a rear derailleur, 4 blips, the junction box and any other sundries needed to run 1x on a tt bike.

    Any news when it'll become available as parts?

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    Maybe we'll enter as a tandem in a few years...

    Father son TCR pair would be awesome :-) My GF keeps asking when my next ultra/IM/whatever is going to be. I mentioned LEL but she doesn't like the sound of that because she wouldn't be allowed to crew!

    @Pifko They don't have the most durable uppers... all of mine have eventually failed like this (old photo), but other than that they've been great.

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    @I_am_Hingis Nope, the plan is Abingdon Marathon (Oct 23rd) and then the Centurion SDW50 in April.

    @Pifko I use a mix. 90% of my running is off road and on footpaths etc so my dry weather shoe (and road shoe) is the Inov-8 f-lite 195. For winter/wet weather I have always used the x-talon 212 shoes but recently switched to the lighter x-talon 190 and love them although I now can't see them on the Inov-8 website. I often wear vibram five fingers (an old pair of KSOs) for easy/recovery runs but realise I probably haven't put them on all year.

    @Arducius As Hippy posted on the transcontinental thread, ultra distance sport is more mental then physical and favours the stubborn over pure 'athletes'. As I understand it Endure 24 is on a circuit and you just run as far as possible in 24hrs right? If so then it's a pretty benign environment for an ultra... it's not like you'll find yourself stuck up on the moors in the middle of the night. I recon there is nothing stopping you giving it a go, you might do 100 miles, you might do 120 or you might do 50 or less. Just listen to your body, do what you can and then go back and go further next year :-)

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    If you can't run past 2k then that is a general running question rather than an ultra question... however, for me (and obviously my experience only) distance running came in two phases.

    I got into running because I got bullied into entering an Ironman when I'd never run more than 5k before. I spent a several years trying to build up the distance at a reasonable rate and dragging myself around marathon courses but was persistently dogged by knee injuries and mounting physio bills. FOR ME (deliberately shouty) the solution was a deliberate change to my running gate and footwear. From heel striking and various models of 'stability control' running shoe to mid/forefoot strike with semi-minimal/low heel drop shoes.

    I don't really want to spark a big debate about fore/mid/heel strike, to me zealots at either end of the spectrum damage the discussion, but it worked for me. One thing I would say is that it took me about 2 years of deliberately transitioning through several different shoes and being super cautious about changing too quickly (e.g. I would often run 5k in normal shoes then switch to vibrams for the final 2k, and then gradually increase the distance). Still, I would say that I was mostly adapted to my new gait by about 2011 and other than a few niggles I've been essentially injury free since then.

    WRT building up from IM/marathon distance to ultras, my view is to build up slowly. I simply got into a habit of running the following programme:

    Monday: Rest
    Tuesday: 10k
    Wednesday: start at 10k build gradually to 22k
    Thursday: 10k
    Friday: Intervals
    Weekend: back to back long runs starting at about 30k for the weekend and building towards about 85km over the weekend (split however you like but I liked 42/42 or 50/35).

    Build the distance each week but listen to your body and build up in small increments. Take every 4th week off. In rest weeks I think I usually ran most days but at a very easy pace and never over 10k a day.

    My first attempt at a 100miler I used this schedule over about 6months and dnf'd, although I did make it ~75miles and had done the first 50 in about 8 hours (waaaay faster than planned). My second attempt I probably ran a similar weekly volume in training but I worked less hard during each run and built up over 9 months instead.

    All of this advice goes out of the window soon, as I'm currently averaging under 20km/week for 2016 and I have a marathon planned for October and then probably a 50 in spring... I'm hoping my body just remembers how to do it :-)

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    from an SIS bottle

    How much are you drinking?? I usually have an espresso cup of beetroot juice every morning (about 60ml or so). I started because I heard people raving about it and figured I may as well give it a try. However I've since read that in order to have the claimed benefits you'd need to be drinking impossible quantities. It tasted weird at first but now i do it just because I like it.

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    Really sorry to hear about this. Very sad news.

    I hope you are OK?