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    I haven't yet heard confirmation of whether I'm in for the SDW50 yet, but I figure I should start doing some training just in case. So, this schedule is intended to take me from now (Monday 9th) up until then.

    Tuesday and Wednesday sessions are club sessions which I enjoy because they are sociable. I want to keep some cycling in there because I'm hoping to do some TTs and maybe some Audax in the summer. I don't know if I'll do any Tris this year but I'm sad about the fact I didn't swim at all last year so I view the swim sessions as optional/gentle recovery swims just to get back in the habit.

    I last ran an ultra (TP100) in 2013 (!!GULP!!), I did IMWales in 2015 and have essentially just been riding and running for fun in 2016 so nothing heavy. This will be a pretty big jump in volume so we'll see how things go...

    It's just a first draft, but am I doing anything silly? Am I going to die?

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    Thank you, that's a great shot.

    I don't remember abandoned but I also missed a couple of months so maybe. My original thought was to suggest #litter, because I think that people are desensitised to it and that if people only noticed it more then maybe they'd think twice before tossing some crisp packet on the ground. I picked abandoned because I thought it might be less restrictive but if we've already had it then maybe let's do #litter?

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    Oh, that's unexpected... Last time I checked I was on zero! Thank you.

    How about #abandoned for the next theme?

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    @Arducius actually, would you mind sharing your schedule? I really need to start formulating my own plan asap.

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    By making the comparison I wasn't meaning to insinuate that you were doing too much, rather I just thought it was an interesting comparison. I don't have a very clear idea what other people do when training for a 50 or a 100, but I guess it's just about finding a personal balance between running as much as possible and limiting risk of injury. I have heard that some people prefer a single long run on the weekend but I found the split runs worked for me.

    My biggest weeks in my hundred mile plan looked pretty similar to yours:

    Monday: 10km (~6miles)
    Tuesday: Intervals (~4miles)
    Wednesday: 21km (~13miles)
    Thursday: Rest
    Friday: 10km (~6miles)
    Sat/Sun: ~50miles split over the weekend (e.g. 30/20, 25/25 etc.)*

    That adds up to 79 miles and I don't think I could have run much more than that. I can't remember the details but I think the whole schedule was c.30 weeks and I tried it twice, although I was more relaxed about completing the full mileage the second time around - ironically I dnf'd on the first attempt and then finished the second attempt when I had been more relaxed about the training.

    If you can complete that training then I'm pretty sure it'll stand you in good stead for your 50, but I wouldn't be too stressed about completing everything. There will be plenty of people on the start line who have done less than you, and if I get into the SDW50 then I'll be one of them :-).

    *One thing to note is that my Sunday long runs often took far longer than expected. My running speed was ok, but once you factor in stopping for gates, navigation, hills etc on top of the fatigue from your existing training load... I think 30miles usually took more like 6hrs.

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    I wonder if Robert had to submit to a UCI dope test, which is one of the major expenses in these records.

    Would love to see his list of TUEs!!

    Fantastic stuff.

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    I don't think I ever topped 80miles in a week training for a 100.