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    Did you find a match? The suntour VX stuff was made by Sugino, I'm pretty certain, as sugino did all the suntour cranks. So, you can buy a sugino maxy or super maxy crank arm and it will be more or less a perfect match (except for the writing in the flutes, but made by the same company in the same forge.)

    alternately, you can buy any 1970's left arm in the correct length, which is probably 170mm, such as SR/sakae, sugino, campagnolo, gipiemme, stronglight, etc. All of them made a basic fluted crank arm that's functionally equivalent to yours. You can even file/grind out the 'VX' from your crank (I'm assuming it's embossed) and file/grind out the 'Super Maxy' to get an even closer match.

    Alternately, there are places like SJS cycles that sell a very good FLAT (not arc'd / not modern) replacement left arm, in the style of the 1970's. Good luck!

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    Here is some info on 151 bcd rings - - -

    1. Campagnolo, Sugino, and Shimano (Dura Ace) all offered 151 bcd rings at one point, in the late 60's. You can often find slightly used Sugino and Shimano rings on ebay for very low prices, some are in 1/8th and some are 3/32nd. NOS rings of this type are normally $100+, which leads us to a 2nd, cheaper alternative ....

    2. There are at least 4 custom chainring makers in the world and they can make you a ring. This includes the mythical 43T 151 bcd ring that nobody ever sold as a brand-new item. The three sources for custom-made rings are :

    a. Japan. CT Custom Chainring, but they may be closed by now.


    b. U.K. Highpath Engineering.


    c. Australia. Probably the lowest-cost option. Cycle Underground.


    d. USA. There is an individual that makes steel, titanium, and aluminum rings. I'm getting sick of googling and you'll have to look it up yourself. They serve the BMX or mountain-bike market. I never saw them advertise 151 bcd, but if they are making custom titanium rings, retooling for 151 bcd would probably not be difficult, and a titanium ring would last forever ...

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    there is a company in America that is making a nice reproduction of the 1970's 144 bcd campagnolo-type chainrings, I think it's called "Rocket Rings", and their rings have an inner spider, as requested. They offer 44T-53T in 1/8th pitch, and 42/52T in 3/32 pitch. You can get them on ebay from a shop in wisconsin called wheel and sprocket, here is a search in their ebay store :


    Note that the rings are T6061, so they are not quite as sturdy as TA rings, but if you have a vintage road or track bike, you might like a chainring that looks period correct for your bike. It's nice to have a renewable supply of these chainrings.

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    The silver and block CARLTON decals were used in 1977, and I also have a 1980 bike with those details. Carlton, as you may know, closed up Worksop in 1982.

    I own the brother of your bike !!


    However, mine cost 45 pounds (frame only), and about 12x that much when i got done collecting the parts for it !!!

    • Don in San Diego, CA, USA