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    Turkey's joined the EU - how did I miss that?

    This a tip of the iceberg rant not aimed at anybody on here...
    The one thing everybody in this (partially thanks to Tayyip) deeply divided country can agree on is; NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT BEING IN EUROPE. It gets repeatedly brought up and it's really frustrating because it fills the limited UK debate (for such a complicated and important story) with a complete irrelevance. Why don't people care? Well, the secular, Kemalist and left-wing groups are more concerned with the erosion of their rights, corruption and creeping islamisation. The conservative and religious groups (who favour Tayyip) have been unable to give two fucks about being in Europe for over a decade (before is was cool). It's like asking David Moyes who he thinks will win the champions-league... he's got 99 problems but Europe isn't 1.

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    london marathon.

    Sounds like you will smash it.
    Good luck.

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    tonights run will put me over 500mi for the year so far.

    Ooofff. Good effort. What are you training for?
    The next two days will take me over 500 for the year... kilometres that is.

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    Soooo.... after fucking my knee(well, I suspect the muscles above and below the actual joint) a couple of weeks back by sprinting at the end of a 13ish miler, I took a week off. Ran a very gentle 5miles yesterday and the pain came back towards the end(although it was twinging for the last couple of miles). Can't afford physio etc so trying to rest and ice as much as I can, although work also gives my body a kicking all day.
    Paris is still 50+ days away. Can I afford to take 2weeks off running at this stage in the game to allow it to settle again properly? Current longest distance is only 16miles but suspect the 18miles I'm supposed to do this weekend might do some actual damage..... Can keep up the r.i.c.e and get as much yoga/squats in to hopefully strengthen the area but worried at the moment if I go for a proper run I'll batter myself...

    Do you know what injury you have? Runner's Knee, IT Band syndrome etc.. I think a proper diagnosis is vital.

    For time-off, according to this, in two weeks you won't lose that much;
    I'd use the time to cross (and strength) train if I was you (as long as it does not hurt). The elliptical running machine is good or just cycle/swim. Do you have a foam roller?

    I just got back from over 3 months out from a patellofemoral issue. During the summer I was doing 50-90k weeks and then I couldn't run a kilometre without pain. I had some IMS acupuncture done and did two months of strength training. Now I like using elliptical to push up my milage without the constant pounding of running. In Istanbul there a very few nice mud trails, it's all concrete costal paths. For example, today I did a 5k at 90% on the treadmill and topped it up with a 20 minute elliptical "run".

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    Got 16miles tomorrow, will be my longest run to date. Suffered last week by just grinding to a halt with lack of energy at 13miles. Should a gel halfway round sort me out or is it a little more complicated than that?

    Do you do long rides? What do you use on them?
    I use gel shots in marathons, actual liquid gels make me feel really sick.

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    Envious. Awesome place to run. Love that city.

    Mind you, I love the food there even more. I'd need to be running every day.

    The food is great but the running is hard. The parks are tiny, there are too many hills, too many cars/people, stray dogs chase you and it's hot.

    I miss Victoria Park and the canal up to Chingford. I think the outer loop of Richmond Park is really great too.

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    From 2012;

    2013 is the year where footballers deny the holocaust
    2014 footballers will make aids jokes
    2015 they revert to yo momma jokes


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    Fells> forests> fields> parks> streets> business parks / industrial estates = hell ;)

    My runs at the moment are either along the river between Putney and Chiswick bridges at lunchtime, along the canal and marshes / Lea Valley or in Epping Forest at weekends. All good.

    Brings me to another question. Where within an hour of London can you find hills to train on?

    Richmond Park and Epping Forest both have decent hills.

    I live in Istanbul, it's impossible to run anywhere on the European side without doing hill reps.

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    I have been at the promised land twice and failed. Fucking Sir Seb Cunt.

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    joke's been made already, nergd

    alright smart arse.