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    NAVY/ROYAL BLUE/GREY... Schnitter





    RED/ORANGE/GOLDEN YELLOW... zane chaos




    CAMO/DARK GREEN/COYOTE... AdamM (but only if Scott is able to wrap and post to Australia, I'll pay postage)







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    1. Rod Munch
    2. JonoMarshall
    3. aufbruch
    4. Buddha Fingaz
    5. Dracula
    6. porter7474 (pm'd earlier)
    7. Vinylvillain
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    10. BleakReference
    11. The_BMX-KId
    12. Sol
    13. oval (2 pairs, and far, far away from London)
    14. Befixed (PM written)
    15. philosovril, needs postage or a friend could pick them up at EHBPC if possible
    16. Loop
    17. Marc_77 (Newcastle, PM sent)
    18. Sammy - Pick up from wherever in London - sorry dude!
    19. nikuls
      21.Stein(need postage, pm coming)
    20. Edmundro - can have cash money ready in about a week or two. Army green a possibility?
    21. MonkeyDXIII
    22. can_i_have_a_p_please_bob
    23. overandout
    24. jv
    25. Wannabe
    26. nikT (possibly 3 pairs and not close to london at all)
    27. Velonoir (I PMed you about this a day or so ago)
    28. Ricky2Slicky
    29. ctznsmith
    30. Davey Mayhem (requested a bit ago)
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    46. LdnGrrl (after stupidly pulling out on the 4th place) Black's fine.

    Removed my name from number 8 because these have taken so long to arrive and my house is being packed tomorrow for the move to Australia. :^(

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    Surly don't make a fixed disc hub...the only fixed they do is 120 non disc.

    Scott, I'm certain that they introduced one into the line up in the last 6 months... although I admit that I can't find it on Google so I could be completely mistaken!

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    My next project would require something like this:


    Doe anyone other than Paul make these?

    Make what? Only Paul make a Paul hub. Or are you refering to the fixed/disc brake combination? In which case Surly make one. Not sure about anyone else though.

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    If you want a test ride of a Peregrine, you would have been welcome to have a go on mine but it's packed up for shipping to Australia. Give Sam a call and I'm sure he can sort something out.

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    they iz B43's.... and i'm not into the army or any thing.... i've been planning on getting a bike in that RAL colour since last year, and i just allways have black components.

    I usually have all black components on all of my bikes, but in recent times I've drifted towards all silver on both the Steamroller and the Peregrine (still have all black on the MTBs, except for cranksets which are XT or cut down XTR M960).

    With the move to Australia, I actually want to build up a really close clearance fixed wheel bike with B43 rims... although it's all rather sad given the money I've just spent on the Steamroller and I think the wife is (not unreasonably) getting a little miffed with the number of bikes I have!

    I really like some of the frames that Shop 14 are producing, if a little pricey at times.

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    Ask AdamM about the difference between the cross check and the peregrine.


    I have a disc fork on mine which worked wonders for stopping quickly both on and off road. Don't mind not having a disc on the back since rear brakes do so much less of the work.

    I ran my Cross Check for years with the original fork and cantilever brakes. It developed an interesting shimmy at 35mph with accompanying brake judder which was all rather scary so I ended up buying a Kona P2 700c disc only fork for it (now on my Steamroller) which sorted the problem. However, as Sheldon says, frame shimmy is a function of the bike and the rider so you may not have the same issues.

    I loved the Cross Check but for general purpose off road use I wanted disc brakes (to avoid destroying rims quite so quickly) so the Peregrine was the perfect replacement. Also, I'm friends with Sam who owns Singular Cycles so that was a factor.

    The Peregrine is essentially the same weight as the Cross Check (possibly slightly heavier due to the EBB?) but I'm not sure exactly because I don't really care. They are very similar to ride as the geometry is very similar indeed so no surprises there. If anything, the Cross Check is slightly more compliant because the fork and stays do not have to be built to cope with the forces associated with disc brakes. Ofsetting that is the much larger tyre clearance on the Peregrine (up to 29x2.0 in front, 29x1.8 in rear).

    I am extraordinarily happy with the Peregrine, it's exactly the bike I wanted. I've ridden a few long-ish (60 miles +) road rides on it and, while it's more than capable, it can feel a little 'dead'. But that's a good thing as otherwise it might get a little too interesting if you loaded it up with panniers! Off road is where its handling really comes alive. I used it for HONC 2009 and it was brilliant, handling the road and off road sections with aplomb.

    Having said all of that, I wish I still had my Cross Check as a single speed 'cross bike in addition to the geared Peregrine...

    Sam is, AFAIK, out of stock of Peregrines so that may sway your decision depending on when you want to buy one?

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    I love this colour scheme! Nice work, hoops. B43 of H+ rims?

    I was going to do something similar on my Steamroller, which is a similar green, but all of my components are silver. I'm happy with it, but it's not nearly so millitaristic and that makes me sad.

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    If you're really worried, get the new Crud Roadracer 'guards, they are ace.