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    @ Scrabble.

    The app that you mentioned in post #128 is priced in $.

    Does this function correctly in the UK? You mentioned OS maps.

    Its not clear from the notes in play.google

    Don't want to spend if its of no use in these fair isles!

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    You take as long as you like.

    SA 3 speed?

    Enjoy the ride, that is the main objective.

    Hope I'm still riding 'later in life' like you obviously are.


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    In addition to ground anchors/big chains, you should improve the locking of the front door.

    I used 1 inch square steel tubing, overlapping the frame and brickwork, pinned on one side of the door, and padlocked at the other. Prevents the door being opened from the outside.

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    Scroll in.
    Screen grab..
    Save as .jpeg

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    Wow. That beach.

    Where is that?

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    Thats a nice story. Thanks.

    As an aside, went to a small exhibition recently where a group from Norfolk County Council have got a small amount of funding to study and consider generating cycle paths on old railway lines.

    So in West Norfolk, there are two old lines that could be considered, and the trackbed still does exit in parts (as I have found), but like in many situations has been built on, or now forms part of somebodies enlarged garden (legal or illegal). The chap running the exhibition (held in 5 or 6 local places over a week), said that they have received a good and favourable response.

    Marriots Way, near Norwich was an existing path that they were looking at improving.

    Suprisingly, it turned out that none of the group had been to the Peaks to ride on and see how the High Peaks Trail, Monsal Trail, Tissington Trail etc, etc, worked, the popularity, and the additional 'cafe' business that could be brought to railway cycle paths in Norfolk.

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    Have used these people before:


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    Had a gander through this web site and the Pedal Club Golden Book.

    The entry for Ian Steel had me laughing out loud, so much so, I was told to pipe down by SWMBO who was watching some durge on the idiot box.
    My highlight in italics below.

    After a two-day journey, the cyclists arrived in Warsaw, where they were greeted by Marshall Rokossovsky, the commander of the Soviet forces in Poland, who stood sternly behind his desk, knocking back glasses of vodka. Not knowing what they should say, one team member suggested they should simply say “bollocks”. “We said ‘bollocks’, with military precision to the most dangerous man in Poland,” Steel recalled.