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Will tell you that band you like is full of Nazis.

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    It has a panel (planner) that shows expected regular transactions. you would have to link your various bank accounts to it though so it depends how comfortable you are with that access.

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    Clearly we need a Centrist Dad to guide us here

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    We do indeed all have double standards. Some of us, however also have humility and are happy to swallow our pride and apologise for our behaviour after being told by multiple people that it was unacceptable.

    As has been pointed out several times the language you used was outdated, lazy, and offensive. The manner in which you've dealt with justified criticism is frankly utterly embarrassing and telling someone to put you on ignore so you don't have to moderate your vernacular is so endemic to this problem on a macro level that it would be hilarious if not so pathetic.

    Oh and also nice addition of transphobia at the end there, super classy. Bravo.

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    So just to be clear here you're going to double down on that instead of apologise?

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    Rode back via Brixton this evening and from Elephant and Castle to Oval there was a guy doing celebratory arm throw, fist pump at each light after winning(?!) Either taking some perceived commuter racing way too seriously, super stoked on new Strava PBs, or trolling everyone. Whatever the reason it was really very amusing to watch. Is he a regular feature on that road?

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    Have a Beko washing machine and tumble dryer, as well as a Hi Sense fridge freezer. Beko stuff is now 7 years old and still going without any faults or repairs. The Hi Sense fridge freezer is 5 years old and generally great but after two years the LCD temperature display on the fridge door stopped working. I would absolutely buy from both companies again though.

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    Also unfortunately almost certainly Nazi sympathizers, sorry not sorry.

    (Both members play live for Clandestine Blaze, frontman has a solo project with a release called Judenfrei)

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    1.Howard - Hoody - Pullover - Sm (paid)
    2.tomasito - Hoody - Zipped - Lg
    3.Eejit - T-shirt - medium - (paid)
    4.M_V - T Shirt - XL (paid)
    5.Chalfie - Tee - Sm (paid)
    6.BRM - Tee - XL (paid)
    7.consciousbadger - Tee - Medium
    8.DethBeard - Tee - XXL
    9.Drano - Hoodie - pullover - L
    10.haveo - Tee - medium
    12.ChasnotRobert - Hoodie - pullover - L
    13.cgg - Tee - L
    14.TW - Tee - L - (paid)
    15.Jontea - Tee - medium. (paid)
    16.±ln(x) - Hoodie - Zipped - L (paid)
    17.Jaitch - hoody - pullover - xl (paid)
    18.Libraio - Tee - medium
    19.Stelfox - hoodie - zipped - medium
    20.Robgclarkson - tee - medium (paid)
    21.Ube_Grube - hoodie - pullover - medium. (paid)
    22.Ube_Grube - tee - medium. (paid)
    23.ChasnotRobert - tee - medium
    24.ChasnotRobert - tee - large
    25.Jellyaxe - hoodie - zipped - large (paid)
    26.atlaz - tee - large (paid)
    27.yokes - tee - large (paid)
    28.snottyotter - tee - medium
    29.luft - tee - medium
    30.SasenFrAsen - hoodie - pullover -medium (paid)
    31.CharlieCardboard - tee - medium
    32.Bazschmaz - hoody - pullover - medium (Paid)\
    33.ExTra - Tee - medium
    34.ExTra - Tee - medium

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    A bit niche but St Christopher's Charity Shop in Beckenham Junction has a red digital camo-esque XL Void jersey in obviously used but fair condition (pulled thread on the rear) for £6.

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    1. Howard - Hoody - Pullover - Sm
    2. tomasito - Hoody - Zipped - Lga
    3. Eejit - T-shirt - medium
    4. M_V - T Shirt - XL
    5. Chalfie - Tee - Sm
    6. BRM - Tee - XXL
    7. consciousbadger - Tee - Medium
    8. DethBeard - Tee - XXL
    9. Drano - Hoodie - pullover - L
    10. haveo - Tee - medium
    11. user67706akajimmythegrin-Tee-Medium
    12. ChasnotRobert - Hoodie - pullover - L
    13. cgg - Tee - L
    14. TW - Tee - L
    15. Jontea - Tee - medium.
    16. ±ln(x) - Hoodie - Zipped - L