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    in response to discussion about percentage of bike cost in relation to value of bike:
    I spent about £50 on making that bike plus parts I had knocking about, total overall <£100. I can't remember exactly, but I vaguely remember the lock costing about £20... er does that mean I win? It doesn't feel good.

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    @JPT: instead of a good lock i bought a shit bike yesterday. Cheers for trying to make it look like my fault though. Sheesh

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    OK it's pretty much this (see pic) with tiny chopped risers (bent these drop bars somehow).

    I had locked it up to a lamp-post with some ABUS cable lock. The metal component that connects the two ends was totally broken in two...

    Building another beater for the moment - ugly enough that hopefully no one will want to nick.

    Thanks for the support guys!

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    My beater got nicked from outside the Zebra on Saturday night. Scoundrel smashed the lock to bits.

    Not worth a lot, but would love to see her again. Raleigh frame sprayed black. distinctive features include:

    • Halo Aerorage track rear wheel in horrible high-vis yellow colour (black hub and spokes, Surly 18t cog). Front wheel is some cheap 700c LB black jobby with rusty spokes.
    • Gusset saddle in brown leatherette with white stitching, looks exactly like a Charge spoon (there is only one of these, so if you see it it has to be mine).
    • Teeny-tiny chopped risers (about 30ish cm).
    • Alloy Destructo plaque bolted to the brake mount on the back.

    Would appreciate it if you keep your eyes peeled. Small reward for safe(ish) return.


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    Almost where?

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    my bike has now got a neon pink rolls saddle with a thomson layback post, and neon green tape instead of the pink.

    ^1 million points for having a penchant for clashing neon colours.

    Recent pictures of my bike and face. I went and got matching E-number pink rims now, but only because they was cheap. If I didn't so very enjoy getting a bargain I would have a splendid yellow one on the back again.

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    Caves of Steel by Asimov. Lovely.

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    What is the frome wheel??? looks unikack, be careful dont loose any ballbearing

    ^Haha special Maz build. Interpret 'special' as you will, but Maz is a genius.

    I don't like the colour scheme personally, could have just left it with purple with that frame. But like Edscoble says, as long you have a bike, and enjoy riding it :)

    ^Glad you don't like it. Also notice how I have a braking surface on the BACK wheel! mwahahahahaha

    It's a Halo rim laced up to a 16h hub.. I think.