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    Fair balls.

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    ^^^^^^^^^has ononelangster/mrniceguy/(cant remember the other alias) resorted to stirrin shit in the smaller social group forums or wha!!

    In a word: no. This really is a controversy free zone isn't it? Homogeny please!!

    youtube spinning dude

    Ok, that's pretty cool. It really is as good as it gets though, init? And that video is a few years old now (I've seen it all over the place) and that somewhat undermines the whole it's-getting-better-and-better-reserve-y­our-judgement-for-a-later-date thing. Still, a good one. Fair play.

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    @niceonetom: I want to learn for me, not anyone else. If you don't like it then don't do it, simple as. There's no need to get so hung up on it.

    I used to love rollerblades when I was a kid too but you make it sound like 50 years ago, how old are you?

    I'm not hung up on it - I am, as I said, playing the role of contrary bastard. There's real lack of strongly held opinion around here, so I'm faking one for the good of the forum. Honestly, I make couple of posts that are more that a single line long and contain more than "yeah lol [in-joke]" and I'm 'hung up'? C'mon. That's a sad state of affairs for any internet forum.

    I have no problem with tricks. I hope you have no problem with a bit of harmless ribbing about it.

    I'm 29.

    Yes, that is too old for backwards circles. Even if it wasn't I'd be more interested in forward circles in Sundrive.

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    So, no impressive videos to show me? C'mon... hit me with your best shot.

    Because surfers where wrong about skate boarders, doesn't mean I am about fixed gear free stylers. The analogy is meh. And skate boarders didn't whine and moan, and demand that their incipient sport be given the benefit of the doubt, and that at some point down the line they would eventually become bad ass mofos. No, they just got good. Good enough that you could show a skate video to your granny and she'd be like "what the fuck (yo)? that shit is tight!". Fixters, on the other hand, seem a bit petulant and self-agrandising. Me no like that.

    As something to do to amuse yourself while drinking cans with your mates in a supermarket carpark it's cool with me - it's the aspiration to be taken for a culture, a sport, a fucking *movement *that I find a bit, well, giggle-worthy.

    I'm normally a nice guy on the internet, but for some reason I seem to have decided to be a contrary bastard on this forum - not sure why - might be because it's a bit of a love-in.

    Fair point on the rollerblades though. Again, I was 11. That can't emphasised enough.

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    Squeeze your stays together enough to get the nuts on, tighten and enjoy ;)

    It'll be fine...

    I wouldn't do that if it's an aluminium frame. If it's steal you're safe enough but aluminium reacts badly to that kind of stress and fatigues.

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    Little defensive there, huh? I'm not really taking the piss or nay-saying - I was just drawing attention to a girl who could kick all of your arses. That's all.

    Now, I might do a little nay-saying. 'Cuase it's friday and I'm bored.

    I'm waaaay to fucking old for hanging around in carparks trying to perfect my mad skillz (yo). Last time I did anything like that I was on rollerblades and I was 11 ffs. Rollerblades were cool at the time. That's how fucking old I am. These days I'm more about trying to go fast and far on a bike. That's my fun.

    I also have doubts about the whole "this is a nascent sport, give it time" line of thinking. None of this is new - the bikes, the tricks, everything is co-opted - so I really doubt that the ceiling for this stuff is that far away. Maybe I'm wrong. Either way what I've seen so far is laughably unimpressive, awkward, inelegant and, worst of all, self-congratulating. Show it to someone who isn't immersed in "fixie culture" (shudder) for an impartial opion on what this shit looks like to them. Un-fucking-impressive. BUt self absorbed enough to be of interest to marketeers - they know a usable fad when they see one.

    These videos (and man are there a lot of videos - does a bianchi pista come with a video camera and a vimeo account or something???) are like bad comedy - if you have to explain a joke, it's not funny. If you have to explain why a trick is impressive... it's not impressive.

    So... hit me with your best shot. Impress me. Show me something that will have me saying "you know what? That Danny Mc Askill guy ain't got shit on these hipsters... they'ze the ones with skillz (yo)".

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    I hope it goes well for you and that any naysayers eat humble fucking pie (that includes me - I like pie but prefer cake). I might see you in UCD on the morning - I'll be rocking a fully geared bike (!) and boards.ie kit. Say hi.

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    I am welcome to tips of any sort, since you seem to have more experience it would actually be nice.

    Advice ay? Hmm.

    It's too late to get any fitter so all you can do now is fret about underpreparation, stay away from any booze, fags, etc. Eat healthy (vitamins and such), drink loads of water, and sleep as much as you can.

    On the day, have a big breakfast with loads of carbs and a bit of protein and sugar - porridge is traditional. Loads of coffee. Then eat enough on the bike. On the fixie you don't have any options if you run out of glygogen - you are fucked - so eat a little and often (nutrigrains elevenses are my weapon of choice), drink, and use dyoralyte or sea salt to stop cramps. PACE YOURSELF. Be very conservative for the first 100k, they're the easy bit. Stretch at the stops.

    I do know what you are saying yes, but just because roadies go down hills expecting people to be going at the same speed doesnt mean that they are right.

    It ain't about right or wrong - it's about expected and unexpected. Just be aware of it, and try to be as predictable as possible. Maybe stay to the left to allow them to pass you on the outside when possible.

    I havent ridden in large groups before, no more than two or three other people, I have read up on group etiquette but unfortunately havent been able to practice it myself.

    TBH, if you haven't experienced riding in a group before the WW200 is not really the ideal day to try to learn. There'll be a shit load of cyclists pouring out of UCD between 6:30 and about 8 and, being cyclists, they'll naturally form bunches, two by two. It would actually be quite difficult to avoid ending up in some sort of bunch, and there'll be a lot of very nervous and twitchy fucker out. Stay frosty. And relaxed. Frosty but relaxed. yeah.

    Call shit in the road. If someone is a wheel's distance behind you they can see fuck all in front of them so if you bunny hop a pothole, or swerve around it at the last second (swerving is bad), they'll go straight into it. That's bad. So point at the pothole and say HOLE loudly. Or say HOLE LEFT! or HOLE RIGHT! or HOLE MIDDLE! depending on where the hole is relative to the group. You'll hear the word shouted about 210,000 times on Sunday.

    Call cars if it seems people are a bit dozy, ie, CAR! or CAR UP! /CAR DOWN!

    Some roadies really make a big deal out of the calling thing, and it can seem like like some sort of bizarre completition as to who can call the most innocuous ripple in the road the loudest, and with the most urgency. Ignore these people. But some of these calls can save your wheel, and thereby your day.

    Lastly, and most importantly... BE PREDICTABLE. No swerving, no sudden braking, skidding, skipping or anything.

    Yes I am prepared to stay out of peoples way, is it really necessary to stay in groups though?

    No, it's not necessary. But it does save energy to sit on someone's wheel and you'll need to save all the energy you can. We all will. It's also a bit difficult to remain solo when there's about 2000 cyclists on the route at the same time. Close quarters cycling is going to happen. There's a great atmosphere on a day like the 200, and you'll end up having loads on conversations with randomers. Your conversations will mostly start with the question "Are you fucking mental? Is that a fixie???". You'll be noticed.

    Yes I am using two brakes.

    Good. Use 'em. Spinning is energy sapping enough (everyone else will be able to recover on the descents) but leg braking will be, uh, leg breaking over that distance, so let the callipers do the work. Your knees will thank you in the years to come.

    Oh, and Roadies a fucking assholes. hahaha

    Ah, sectarianism. The mark of a truly great mind...

    is this longest post in the history of this sub forum? fucking 1 line posts a go go around here.

    yeah lol.

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    Anyone who rides a fixed gear and can get into skinny jeans is a tool. Fact.

    Anyone who wears skinny jeans is already a tool anyway, but that's a separate issue.

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    this girl is better than you.

    silly rabbits. tricks are for kids.