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    the foot tunnel at greenwhich is open dude. there are plans for refurb but dates are uncertain. commute away!!

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    finally worked out how to put my name on the list. i am so computer illiterate it's unreal. anyway, i'll be there, rain or shine. looking forward to it.

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    hey, just wondering if this is an all weather event? will it still be running if it's pissing down?

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    hey, i did the bridges ride and really enjoyed it, although i was not an official forum member. would like to make this my first official ride. looking forward to it, count me in.

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    hey guys, just joined the forum, only started riding fixed at the start of this year and am really enjoying it. never new there was such a large social scene associated with it. i will hopefully be joining the easts drinks at victoria park this week, am looking forward to it. cheers.

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    thanks for the welcome, look forward to meeting you guys and having some good banter and beers along the way.

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    ha ha ha, first time i used clips on the road, completely forgot i had them on(testiment to their comfort i guess) pulled up to get off and just fell sideways, splat!!! bet it looked funny to all the onlookers. have learnt from my mistakes though and have not done it since.