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    I think I may have solved the moka pot issue. I didn't think it was possible, but Lavazza coffee (the red one) is too fine for my cheap, and obviously very shitty, moka pot. Instead I tried the crappy shop bought general coffee and it worked ok!

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    For sale: Charge Plug trick bike (or road going if you want it set up like that).

    Frame: Charge Plug in good nick size Medium, which is 59cm st 54cm tt (c-t-c) (one dent under chainstay (will add picture when I take one!))
    Forks: DMR Trailblades (or original Charge Whisks in Blue). I'll chuck both in.
    Rear wheel: DP18 700c on Miche Xpress sealed flip flop hub - 19t fixed cog with space for freewheel on other side
    Rear tire: Maxxis Detonator. Plenty of life left in it as I don't skid much due to the awe inspiring stopping power of the cable disk.
    Front wheel: Velocity 26" on Magura Pro sealed hub.
    Front tire: Specialized Fatboy 26 x 1.25". Best front tire I've ever used and is surprisingly grippy in the wet considering it's a slick! Think I've only ever had 2 punctures on the front. Will chuck in a spare tube for the front as it's a random size.
    Bars: Atomlab 2.5" risers
    Grips: Odyssey mushrooms (very comfortable)
    Stem: Mankind BMX toploading stem - 50mm reach
    Headset: original that came with the bike and still runs smooth
    Brake lever: Dia compe Gold Finger
    Brake: cable disk. One of the best brakes I've ever used and it's got me out of a few tight spots in its time! I've drilled a hole in the headcap and routed the cable through so that you can barspin. Loads of toe clearance due to the 26" front wheel.
    Pedals: DMR V8 (not the ones picture. The same but silver. Shown in the pics with dropbar set up)
    Cranks: don't have a make - 52t cog. The right side is fine but the left has worn and needs replacing. Standard square taper
    BB: runs fine, probably a standard Shimano or something similar, but I'm only guessing as I've never taken it out.
    Chain: KMC Kool chain
    Saddle: SDG. Pretty well worn but still works.

    This is a really strong and hard wearing bike and my name indicates why I got it in the first place! The name kind of became a little redundant afterwards too. Never had any problems with it, apart from the left crank.
    I'll chuck in a cheapo 700c front wheel as well if you want to run it like I had it as a road fixed.

    Price dropped to: £300 for the whole bike with spare forks, 700c wheel, spare tube for the front and a ride you won't forget! I will miss this bike, but I fancy a change and can't buy anything else until I have some money from this one.
    I'm based in Potters Bar, Herts, but will happily come in to Finsbury Park/King's Cross to deliver.

    *Comes with free safety bell (lots of wear, but still plenty of life left in it). I've also taken all of the stickers off and cleaned it up a bit. I'll try to get some tidier pics up, but they won't be until after the Christmas break.

    I've also got a white Turbo saddle in good nick that I can throw in if it'll swing the sale.