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    Nope sorry, sold.

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    I'm 5'2". I really like 650c, most of my bikes are ~48cm frame size but the 650c ones noticeably fit me better. The ones with 700c wheels have lots of toe overlap, feel really high off the ground, etc.

    I've got quite short legs and long torso so I run a ~110mm stem on my 650c bikes and that seems ok. If you are long-legged you might find the saddle-bar drop a bit too much? With the quill stem there's room to move it up I believe but probably not tons.

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    Still have this, needs to go! Any interest?

    Price drop to £125...

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    2005 model bought new in December 2008, it's done 1000 miles over the years as an erstwhile commuter mostly in good weather. Some surface rust on some bolts but the frame and everything else in good shape, a few scratches as expected. Still have the owner's guide that came with it. Got something more commuter-friendly a while back so this one has to go.

    Running fixed with original 1/8" chain and 48T chainring but with 18T on the back (will throw in the original 16T cog). It's a flip-flop hub so easy to stick a freewheel on the other side. 650c wheel size as mentioned in the title.

    I have it set up with front and rear brakes (currently Euro style but easily swapped), sawed-off Profile Design TT base bars and Tektro bar-end levers but will include the original drop bars. Also swapped the stem over to an aheadset adapter plus 100mm non-oversize, but will include the original quill stem which was about 80mm if I recall.

    Tires are Conti GP 3000s, lots left on them. Wellgo flat pedals. Saddle came off my Hoy track bike, not sure what happened to the original Fuji saddle.

    The rear wheel has a bit of a wobble thanks to my pannier hook catching in one of the spokes, I have straightened it out but it's not perfectly true. Said spoke also has a noticeable dent in it, but it's completely rideable.

    Will throw in the beam rack if desired (clamps onto seatpost, can take 15kg iirc).

    £165 or make me a sensible offer. I'm located in KT1 Kingston but probably could ride it somewhere not too far away so I can run back home again -- Richmond Park or a rail station. Not willing to post it. Cash only please.

    10% of sale donated to LFGSS.

    Edit: struggling to upload all my pics, so the rest are here, https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fkivb0o4x057e­31/AAAqfLYJqs_nfuxo6ZXbyChEa?dl=0

    Contact me if you want more specific pics or specs.

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    I was about to recommend that one to someone but then had a look at the loads of negative reviews on the Clas Ohlson website (many in Swedish but auto-translated) and it appears that they are terrible in terms of the keys not working or the lock mechanisms seizing after a while and leaving the bike somewhere locked up unable to get it open. So worth rethinking having this lock on the list, if it's actually unreliably unlockable it's not worth using.

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    Looking for a hub gear or urban singlespeed something vaguely road-like, not too upright hybrid or MTB... so a Kona Paddy Wagon, Marin Fairfax, Cube Hyde, etc. in good nick. Any other suggestions for makes/models worth looking at?

    Needs to have mudguard and rack mounts. Smallest size possible really.

    Will travel a reasonable distance to collect but ideally somewhere around London. Budget around £300.

    Looking forward to cleaning up and posting my Fuji Track SE for sale once I get something more fit for purpose to carry panniers around town.