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    Those Twitter reports would coincide in time and place with what I saw ...

    My daughter and I saw a green one over Cambridge at 3:45pm Christmas Day 😁

    Replying to @UKMeteorNetwork
    We saw it over bury st Edmunds at 3.46pm

    I didn't check the time, I only know that I was rather chuffed to have predicted sunset at 3:40 to my son and we saw it go down right on time, and it was just after that.

    Definitely rather special. Maybe Oliver's suggestion is right?

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    Bright thing in sky, any ideas?

    Today on the Norfolk-Suffolk border I saw a very bright meteor-looking thing, 3:40pm, heading roughly north and low in the sky to the WNW, just on sunset. Sky perfectly clear.

    It left a very long white trail and broke up into 2 or 3 fragments. Easily the most spectacular meteor/satellite thing I’ve ever seen. Appeared to be travelling quite ‘slowly’ as meteor things go. Was visible for perhaps 2-3 seconds.

    I can’t see any meteor showers advertised and the Ursids a couple of days ago were emanating from the north.

    It was very reminiscent of those films of the shuttle breaking up.

    I don’t suppose anyone saw anything similar ? Or has heard of anything?

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    Son's school prom a few years back. Asked me to ask the guy two doors down if he would drive him there in his VW camper. I yawned a bit but did as I was told. WV guys says love to but I'm off the road until June, sorry. Nice enough chap but fits the fatberg template.

    Son asks around, finds girl who hasn't been asked to prom yet. Her grandad's got a 1936 Rolls Royce.

    Turns up in chauffeur's oufit and opens the doors for them both. Other kids go green, not least the three different groups who had turned up in ... VW campers.

    Just 16 different levels of win!

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    See Fatberg^^^.

    Ace rant there!

    .... on the VeeDubClub bingo card of cool.

    We are not worthy!

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    One suspects that a lot of rank and file Conservative members had made it clear that they wouldn't support it. A volte-face looks (marginally) less bad than losing a vote on such a clear-cut issue (cf 'Nasty Party'); the whips probably made it clear to No 10 that they could lose a vote tonight.

    However caving in will only strengthen the backbenchers' hand in opposing whatever vileness is to follow. It was indeed 'multi-levelled dumb' to have dug in over this one.

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    They fly from Northolt to Northwood?

    I am astonished. Could they not cycle?

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    Madgett's of Diss. Train from Liverpool Street. Proper bike shop.

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    Corbyn's other half, reported in the Guardian yesterday:

    ' She thanked people who voted for Labour and supported her husband, and urged the party not to lose sight of its “commitment to socialism and the policies of the manifesto”.

    “We know you shared our values. If equality, humanity, honesty and kindness is called Corbynism, then that’s all right with me,” she said.'

    And me!

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    Never get more than 7 x 50. Greater magnification, greater movement.

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    Agreed. I just don't think it's a big deal.

    EDIT: Well, yes, the inevitable press broadside will no doubt be a big thing whatever Starmer does.

    I'm no longer a Labour member, nevertheless I'm watching with interest. And I'll be the first to yell if it turns out there are agencies behind KS that would have altered anything if we had known.

    BTW (OT), anyone else notice that the 'Seventeen things Bernie Sanders believes' thing on the BBC website this morning had become 'Eighteen things Bernie Sanders believes' by lunchtime.

    The 18th thing?

    Critical of Israel - but also very proud of being Jewish. At a Democratic debate Sanders said: "Sadly, tragically, Israel has a reactionary racist who is now running that country."