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    Sounds good. I think having one regional rep is a good idea as efforts to organise something similar in the past has taken a lot of effort to find each cities rep. With just half a dozen reps, the committee will be a lot more manageable.

    +1 to emails. Im not on here that often but always check my emails. Good effort man!

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    Google drive.

    Yarp, Google Drive


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    Totally man, awesome bikes. I have a friend that has bought 3 over the years. Ill probably get another one day. Gutted they stopped making them!

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    Orange P7. The bike is solid! Goes over anything, I've had a great time riding this.

    The bike is 17" frame. 26" wheels. It comes with the following spec:

    Maverick CS32 Forks (awesome forks, great design and very light. These have been serviced with new seals within the last 6 months)
    Hope ISO Front hub (serviced in the past 6 months)
    DT Swiss front rim
    New Maxxis Minion DH Tyre (Sticky and grippy)
    Race Face stem
    Race Face carbon handle bars
    Shimano LX cranks
    External bottom bracket
    XT front mech
    Deore Hydraulic brakes (with new kevlar Superstar pads and new rotors within the past 6 months)
    Deore rear mech
    Hope Pro II rear hub (recently serviced)
    Genesis seatpost.
    Pedals not included.

    Some signs of wear on the cockpit, I have tried to show this in the pics. Nothing that effects performance.

    I have kept this in great working order, with newly serviced forks, brakes and new drive-train - all within the last year. It has hardly been ridden since being serviced and is good to go ride the gravity.

    £490 posted. Dibs then PM to guarantee.

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    Can anyone help with this:

    Looking for an app I can load a spreadsheet with formulae and all that gubbins to, then share this spreadsheet with a friend so that we can update the spreadsheet in real-time.

    We are running a hill climb and looking to have the start time and end time subtracted to give the racer's time then sort results into result order. We would be able to see what each has updated as it happens or at least with a refresh. We have used paper and pen in the past, but thinking this could be done better with an app.

    Does anyone know an app that we can use? Cheers!

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    On GTA V online. How do you get more guns? I've leveled up to 17 and can only buy pistol, uzi and shotgun. Does it go by your level or do you need to do the online missions to unlock new guns etc.?