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    Day drunk out as no third and a pressing need to concentrate on daytime drinking

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    Beer hatch near the boundary. That's amazing

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    Where do you play, Lord's?

    Our tea equals a can (special brew for the older members, lager for the more respectable) and a fag/spliff. Supermalt if you're in form and reckon you fancy the look of the oppo.

    The 'clubhouse' is usually a nearby tree that can double as a toilet and partial roof when rain stops play.

    Apparently only about 3 players 'know how to score' too. As one of those 3, i can assure you that £2.50 payment and a free drink is the stuff of impossible dreams. If you want to be relieved from your umpiring stint then you have to just walk off the pitch and force the issue otherwise you will be out there for 40 overs.

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    Yeah it was 'nothing to see here'. Johnson managed the answers pretty well tbh, went on the front foot and sounded credible even if he's still probably lying.

    Noone watches PMQs really so it doesn't really matter anyway

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    Hot Mess (Ziemek, Vango, Chukker)
    The Weekend (Josh, Charlie, Miles)
    MMA (plumber, Max,, Ali)
    GOOD AT POLO (Jess, Lex, Mya)
    Notorious Raspberries (Lorena, Danny, Louie)
    Last of us (benji maxou JH)
    Luxury Dingle (Callum, Lucy, Tom)
    Wham Bam Thankyou Ma'am (Jono, Cam, BeagleTime)
    Total Eclipse ☾✩ (Hebiri, Majard, Saul)
    Clerks! (Jimmy, Felix, Tony)
    Day Drunk (Ben, Mrak, someone else)

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    But the last 2 pages are still about everyone talking about how they don't care about flags. Bloody flags. Also slightly unfair to say flags was one of his key electoral strategies, wasn't it just a leaked paper from some pr advisors who said he should use it? I haven't seen a peep from him about it. It's all from the Tories and some labour advisors. I'm sure not all advice in pr advisory papers is necessarily followed

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    ....and while everyone talks about the non issue of flags, the real issues:

    • the new proposed legislation on refugees
    • policing bill
    • government ballsup/corruption on covid procurement and strategy
    • continued schools/exams fuck up
    • brexit related problems

    are ignored.

    Whenever the Tories need to bury their bad news they just bring up some incendiary culture war nonsense that they can fully rely on the left/centre to fight each other to the death about. They keep doing it and will continue to keep doing it and I read it as 100% cynical 'dead cat' stuff. Starmer's version of LOTO is probably right to just adopt flags etc as nbd, mainly cause they are nbd compared to the other stuff. If people stop fighting about it, it outflanks the culture war stuff and hopefully makes it the non issue that it really is. He needs to be more active on opposing the other issues though

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    Hi all, long time lurker on this thread but very much a novice on all things watch.

    I bought a Smiths Everest from the last drop and love it so have been wearing it as my daily since I got it. However, twice now the pins in the metal strap have come loose, once on the wrist and last night when I undid the clasp.

    First time I suspected user error, I probably hadn't tightened the pins enough when I adjusted the bracelet. So I made sure that everything was properly tightened. Second time is a bit more worrying. Is this normal? I'd expect a bracelet to not disintegrate every month, surely?

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    I've been netting at Hackney Marshes if anyones up for it. Or elsewhere