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    We've all tried it, let's face it.

    GLWTS. Bargainous.

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    Nice as a commuter for that price. I'm a dwarf with too many bikes by the way...

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    Dayyum that lug works nice on that Shrubb.

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    I always loved modolo bits. I had some brakes for a birthday present when I was a kid in the CTC and thought they were like jewellery compared to the weinmanns and stronglights kicking round at the time.

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    Theres a couple of hundred added in parts alone. So enjoy : )

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    Great news, lovely bike too.

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    I bought this after a nasty break up as a treat to me. This has been considerably upgraded in terms of the bars, stem saddle and pedals since it's been in my ownership. In all honesty this lovely bikes sat in my kitchen for about a year as I just don't get the chance while I'm addressing other aspects of life and nailing depression. Buying bikes was my happy place I guess with memories of a lot of good cycling, but I need to get down to one due to such a tiny apartment.

    The bike anyhoo... It's a testament to the framebuilders craft with details like the beautiful monostay and a lug that blends into a fillet braze. It also has a distinctive Ron Cooper straight blade fork. I believe the frame is columbus - either way it's very light. It deserves to be ridden. For sale to fund another unrelated project. I'll be genuinely sad to see it go, as it's pretty irreplaceable. So here's the spec...


    Top tube - CTC 51cm
    Seat tube - CTC 48 cm
    Down tube - CTC 61cm
    head tube - 9 cm

    Groupset -
    Full Sram force 10 speed groupset with sram red FD

    Mavic Ksysium elite s wheels with 10 speed 11-27 cassette 
    conti grand prix 23mm front tyre, conti 4 season rear tyre (both around 500 miles with tons of life left, never puncture on these yet)

    superlight Ti skewers (added)

    Chinese carbon seatpost - very good actually.
    Fizik Carbon Antares saddle creaks a little on lifting the bike, but is fine when riding - I don't know the history of the saddle as it came on another bike. (added)

    Cinelli black 1a stem and Cinelli ergo 66 bars (added)
    pedals: Crank Bros Egg Beaters - new (added) can sort cleats


    1   WISHBONE seat stay! what more can one ask for!
    2   It rides amazingly for me at 5,7"  it weigh less than 8.9 kg! and could come down if you work a bit. its reliable and fast, and very comfy.
    3   its light and the paint job is still really presentable
    4   most of the bike is protected by some vinyl, but in hind sight it could have had more.
    5   Its definitely a head turner and I have had compliments at traffic lights.

    THE BAD:

    1.  There are number of paint chips on the top tube
    2.  Paint down to metal due to rear wheel coming loose and rubbing inside chainstay (caught it early enough it hasnt taken any metal with it. although this if you ride in the wet will need sanding back a bit and lacqured) never bothered me from the previous owner as its too nice for rain. lol.
    3.  one 2-3mm paint chip on the right had down tube.
    4.  feel scruff on the seat tube, minor tbh.
    5.  both shifters has suffered a bit of abrasion and could be touched up with some nail polish

    I think this will suit anyone around 5”7 - I have a 30” inside leg.
    A brilliant frameset with decent Groupset and wheelset combo. Buyer collects Bolton, Lancashire - very easy to find. But I will travel and meet halfway. £595. This is actually less than it cost me originally, and includes all the upgrades, but I think I'm being really fair here on price, and just need a quick sale, for a beautiful bike.