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    I thought he'd got a seatpost at each end...

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    Indeedy! My then girlfriend said the same!

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    You might remember this as I had a mare to fit a brake, after a lot of swearing and various depths of recessed brake bolts, there is a shoulder miles in the fork. I even asked as far as Singapore where Fishtail cycles sell/sold these.

    These frames are made from AL6069 alloy exhibiting up to 40% gains in tensile and yield strength over your typical AL6061. Fillet brazed, seamless welds with a carbon fork. The frame alone usually shifts for £600 plus shipping, and import duty from Singapore where theres a huge fixie scene. I believe Royal, are a criterium team. Its beautifully made and very foo, and has a bit of a giggle at cinelli welds. You might notice the extra 5mm spacer above the fork, to maximise the aheadsets efficiency.

    Anyhow, this is 55cm (more like a 53 c to c - why I got it), the saddle is in the position for a dwarf like me with a 30" inside leg - I thought I could get away with it, but no so as a result its hardly ridden. I like a frame thats smaller with a lower centre of gravity for me, so despite being a huge amount of headturning fun and going like stink this is up for sale, barring my legs growing. Its in a quirky blue sparkle finish, transfers under the lacquer.

    Jewellery includes Brooks C15 Cambium cutaway (new) and some nice old Record hubs onto MA40's. New Andel chainset and half link foo chain, 46 x 18 (hilly in Bolton) Here's a carrot on the price as its up in Manchester a firm £650. You won't get another and the price is cheap. You might want to get a longer stem, as I compensated for the top tube. Be sorry to see it go. (pedals not included)

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    I like the Deda one. Looks purposeful...

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    Great job. Love things like the little brace across the stays on the BB

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    Re bike sheds... They shoved a child under the gate where I worked passed him some bolt croppers, and he passed the bikes over the top of the gate. Proper Fagin style urchin stuff. Petition is a good thing, just use a ratter to commute as the "pile on" mentality I've had in the past meant my nice paint got shagged quickly. Ask to borrow a key and take it to a locksmith they can order blanks if its an unusual profile, then borrow again to get it cut. We got charged £60 for keys lost. The actual blanks were a fiver...

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    Thats a great idea. I think omitting that little touch is half the reason it came out so bad.