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    I'm clearing out my climbing stuff after not touching it for years and can't see myself getting back in to climbing. All from 2006-2009 but not heavily used, mainly indoor with occasional outdoor use. Inspection before buying strongly encouraged (SE8 or N7).

    Would be a good bundle for a beginner, is £45 for the lot a fair price? Let me know if I'm way off or you're interested in individual items.

    Black Diamond Momentum AL Slate harness size small (I'm a 30" waist)
    Black Diamond ATC XP belay device (older style without cutouts, missing the rubber side stickers)
    Petzl William screwgate
    x1 DMM Sentinel screwgate
    x2 DMM screwgates, not sure which model
    Boreal Joker shoes, UK 8.5. Worn but life left in them
    Chalk bag with a waist strap and refillable ball + a bag of chalk

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    Anyone interested in a park/jib board?

    2011-12 Signal Park Rocker Light, 156cm. Moderate use/wear.

    One of these:

    £50 ono

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    Does anyone have 26"36h rim with machined brake surface for sale?

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    I have these, good condition with a bit of life in the pads.

    What’s the going rate? Happy to post at cost

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    Thanks for the recommendations, Snipperclips and Overcooked both look like good options

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    I just bought a Switch and Zelda. First console I’ve owned in 10 years, hopefully I’ll get immersed in it and not be too hindered by my apparent lack of ability to remember what the buttons do.

    Any recommendations for fun not to serious two player games? I’ll get Mario Kart eventually but would rather not spend another £45 right now.

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    You can load up on hand luggage, not sure what it’s like on shorter flights but the last time I flew with a bike I could take x2 23kg bags in the cabin. Panniers with tent went as hand luggage.

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    +1 for the £6 Royal Mail shipping option from CW. Last week I got a SKX013 with no duty, took a few more days to arrive than the free shipping and doesn’t come in a proper box but that’s fine for me.

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    Do you have a photo of them? Are they the pacer specific logo or the scratchy looking normal surly logo

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    I've ridden the Tokaido route between Tokyo and Kyoto. It was largely a solid route and very convenient to use/follow.


    Another place to look could be the Japan Rapha Travel trip itinerary, I've not ridden any of the routes but I'm sure they'd be good.