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    I have a used pair of these I’m no longer using, a bit slimmer than Ortliebs but still decent capacity.


    £25 collected from SE8

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    What model of stove do you have?

    If it has a hose one of those cans will be fine (assuming the thread is correct) but if it's one that sits on top of the canister it's going to be very unstable.

    If you're stuck I have one of these you could borrow for the trip (pick up from Deptford or Kings Cross) - https://alpkit.com/products/koro

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    Sports Direct normally sell them, the website only has Campingaz but I've always been able to get normal screw in canisters in the shops.

    You could also try giving Snow Peak on Regents St a call, I've no idea if they have stock but it feels like somewhere that doesn't get loads of foot traffic and might have some.

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    Unless you want this to be a new hobby/something you put lots of time in to the simple approach is to put your money in big ETFs and delete the Freetrade app so you aren’t checking it all the time.

    If you want to feel like you’re making some choices you can spread your cash across funds which focus on specific themes (eg tech, energy etc) as well as something which tracks the whole market.

    This is my approach as someone with only slightly above average knowledge of how markets work and I have no intention of spending more time thinking about the ins and outs of my savings.

    Alternatively put it all in GME and Dogecoin and you’ll be a millionaire by this time next year.

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    What rack is that?

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    One thing I hadn’t known was that German shops require ffp2 masks for entry, fortunately a colleague was aware and had brought enough for everyone.

    Not sure if Switzerland is the same but I’d recommend getting some before arriving (also to wear on the flight).

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    Yes, no queues and very easy. They did the test in a few minutes and we went back 30 minutes later to collect the results.

    The pharmacy was 50m from where I was working so couldn’t have been much easier.

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    I went to Germany (amber) recently and the process was:

    • double vax status on NHS app
    • Book postal day 2 test for return (£80) and fill in UK passenger locator form
    • Fill in German passenger locator form
    • Fly to Germany, had to check in at the BA desk though as the pre authorisation on my paperwork didn’t work properly
    • Get lateral flow from local chemist (€10, paper certificate).
    • fly home, show vax status, passenger locator form and lateral flow result at check in
    • Do day 2 postal pcr test on return

    All in all it was pretty easy but there were plenty of very stressed people at both airports who had missing/not correct paperwork.

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    I have a a Deuce #2 but will be upgrading the to the bigger #3 soon. I think it was @Skülly who gave the essential tip to dig the hole at your camp spot the night before rather than wait until after your morning coffee.

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    I can’t vouch for the quality but there are lots of double walled mugs and cups on AliExpress