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    It's brilliant. Come on down. I can, so you should.

    Co-signed, Luce!
    What really ought to have been something I started playing well over a decade ago (whilst watching a tournament, I erroneously assessed it was too difficult), I've decided to take up as a brittle, curmudgeonly 35-year old.

    Yes; I'm covered in bruises that my SilverCupid dates think are hideous, but I'm having a great time. And, with the help of others - actually think I'm slowly getting better at something. For a man who believes he is both shit at everything and also cannot be told what to do; it's splicing through my atrocious personality.

    If you're in anyway polocurious or just want something free to do - come on down to this. It's like a very nice social occasion, with some sport thrown in. Welcoming crowd, welcoming sport, well come on then let's get a beer from the shop.

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    Where's Liv's fresh meat team!?

    Anyway, yes: (Don't it make you tingle) Luxury Dingle.

    (Sub: Tom)

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    Can also vouch for Pete (pjh). Intending to have him around to do alcove shelves at mine soon, based on a recommendation by a mate who's had him in to do them in both his (consecutively owned) houses. Top work.

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    I've run it through my fat thumb translator and it reads: Lawnmower for scale

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    Hot Mess (Ziemek, Vango, Chukker)
    The Weekend (Josh, Charlie, Miles)
    MMA (plumber, Max,, Ali)
    GOOD AT POLO (Jess, Lex, Mya)
    Notorious Raspberries (Lorena, Danny, Louie)
    Last of us (benji maxou JH)
    Luxury Dingle (Callum, Lucy, Tom)

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    Some mad things going on on that eBay account. I'm in the wormhole, and I just wanna know what's caused it. Everything must go!

    At the end of a listing for.. actually, I have no idea what's being sold:

    213th week of lockdown Covid-23
    "And remember, stay safe, sane and sanitised"

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    I put down a deposit on a Fairlight Secan. Is this interesting? No, but I haven't told anyone else - so here you go, strangers on the internet.

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    Good call. Why don't I own knee warmers! There's my problem.

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    I can't believe you're letting Amey troll you like this.

    But yes, Christmas itself seems so unlike anything else in this country in terms of celebration. It's just not in our make-up and so as a result, it's completely shit.

    I love the food and seeing family, but look to just about every other culture and you'll see they'll take the opportunity to do this at the birth/death of any deity they like.

    They don't just close everything down and hide away in their houses to sniff each others farts. Even the Americans do it better than us, and they're still full from Thanksgiving.

    Imagine watching basketball whilst you're eating stuffing and gravy. Glorious.