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    May be willing to break it up if anyone is interested

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    Isaac Pascal Carbon Road Bike

    A really nice bike, that has not had the use it deserves. In excellent condition, a few minor marks (I've tried to show in the photos). but I would class it as very good, excellent condition. It is very stiff, and although I don’t have any scales accurate enough, it compares well with some friends high-end frames with Dura-Ace groupsets. The frame has had little use and is a beautifully built bit of kit (as you’d expect from the Germans!). The groupset has also had little use, it has some marks on the levers (from replacing punctures upside down and leaning up against a brick wall), and again, I've tried to show this in the photos. The wheelset is very nice and has had even less use than the rest of the bike and they’re tubeless ready. It’s never been crashed.


    Isaac Pascal Frame 56cm top tube (although it’s a 56cm top tube Isaac class it as a 58cm frame. It’s a similar size to my 56cm Trek).

    Full Ultegra SL Groupset:
    Ultegra SL Compact chainset, Ultegra SL Front Derailier, Ultegra SL Rear Derailier, Ultegra SL Cassette (11-27), Ultegra SL Shifters, Ultegra SL Brakes

    I can also swap free of charge for an Isaac Carbon standard double chainset (I prefer a compact), see photos to see what it looks like.

    Wheelset: Hardly used Bontrager Race Lite tubeless-ready wheelset. Currently priced at ££449.98 at evans. Links below


    If you prefer, I can swap these out for some nearly new Shimano R501 C24 wheels and reduce the price by £150.

    Saddle: Selle Italia Max Flite Gel Flow Team Edition Saddle
    This saddle was the choice of a certain Fabien Cancellara. I don’t think you can get the team edition any more, but it was expensive. £130+ when new. If you have a saddle you’re happy with, I’m happy to knock another £50 off and keep it.

    Finishing Kit: Ritchey Pro handlebars and stem.

    Price “as is”: £990
    Price with the Wheels swapped out: £840
    Price with wheels swapped and no saddle: £790

    Located in Warwick. May be able to deliver to London and Birmingham

    Any questions, feel free to ask and I'm happy to show people the bike.
    PM me for a phone no.

    Have a good day :)

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    Velorbi, did you get the long or the short ones? I've got them bookmarked, but nobody seems to have the "long" ones in stock.

    Got any pics of the result??


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    I'm thinking I definitely need metal ones. But They're difficult to find

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    I'm leaning more towards getting everything powder coated rather than painted. All the same colour.

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    Is the paint ok on the plastic mudguards?

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    Hey Hey,

    Wondering if anyone on here can help... I'm going to respray my frame, and want some mudguards that I can get sprayed at the same time. I hate the way mudguards ruin the aesthetics, but are a necessity (or will be soon) in this country.

    I'm assuming the standard SKS type ones are just too flexible and likely to make the paint flake?

    Would it make a difference if I powder coated instead of painted? (thinking about this for the frame too).