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    It is worth mentioning that even in between the major climbs, it's a constant up and down. Very little real flat.

    Thought I'd wade in with some local knowledge - it's pretty flat between Bristol and the Mendips, then after Cheddar until the Blagdon climb you got the Somerset Levels which is, uh, really flat. Fair enough it's pretty lumpy after the Blagdon climb all the way to Exmouth then...

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    Hi there,

    I'm organising this event in Cardiff this Saturday, just in case anyone's round that way this weekend or fancies a day out...

    2.30pm, 24th October 2009
    Maindy Outdoor Velodrome, Cardiff CF14 3AJ
    Helmet required. £5 to enter.
    Pre-register at: 6ix.cat@googlemail.com

    More details: http://trackdropouts.com/forums/topic/tr­ack-day-6cat-24-oct

    There's also a Prologue - 'The 6cat traintrack super saver discount' Cardiff Central train station to Maindy track alley cat. (Optional race if you're coming by train, or just want some traffic hustle before riding tarmac forward circles):


    • From 2pm get your train ticket stamped by an official 6cat representative at the station.
    • First to present your stamped ticket to me at the track races for free, whoop!. Second place races for half price. Third place gets a biscuit.

    Reply here or PM me if you want any more info...

    steve / david.crisps / greener

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    my bike rides like crunchy peanut butter with extra gravel. i haven't even oiled the chain all winter.

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    after yesterdays disaster and pain...

    have an off?

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    i've been up blagdon on the ss before. seem to remember some steep, then a hairpin then some steep being the worst bits.

    is the date for this 08/08 or 06/08? their site doesn't seem so sure.

    yeah, and this thread has become 'potentially spotted in the future in devon and somerset. in the dark' guess it's worth a thread if a fair contingent from 'yer are thinking of going

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    exmouth exodus sounds cool.

    anyone done it before?

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    where'd that happen?