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    Cheers John, same goes....hope they work well for the bike you're building.....

    No name risers now sold...

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    Hmm, Italian driving definitely keeps you on your toes, although I feel just as wary on British roads as I did on Italian roads. Into the countryside the traffic lessens a lot and my experience was generally pretty damn good apart from the off flying fiat! careful of some of the tourist coaches near Florence though!
    Have an amazing time. when are you heading out there?

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    Morning Forty45, sent you a PM, the stem clamp is 25.4...... Let me know if you could make it work and if you'd still like it....

    The Deep V wheel and the Gatorskin are being taken by edgar through PM earlier. If anything falls through for whatever reason I'll update asap.....

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    Afternoon folks,
    So got a few things that have been sat in my parts bin for a long time, and with upcoming plans to head off for a few months of travel I'm trying to lighten my packing load to reduce storage bills!
    There are some bike parts, some miscellaneous bits and bobs too....
    There may be more added to the thread as well later on...

    Dibs are good but cash is king, please PM after dibbing to confirm and organise pick up/drop off...

    I live in SE15 but for most things am happy to drop more central, will also post the smaller items (at cost) if need be...

    Couple of photos of all the items for sale.

    SR Royal deep track drops and SR Royal stem**. Lovely shaped bars and stem set. The bars do have some scratches but nothing too bad. Lovely engraved flat section near the clamp position. With some long grips or tape these would be a lovely vintage addition.
    Bar width 420mm a drop of around 170mm. Stem length is 120mm. Clamp 25.4
    **£30 for the set, will split if need be. £25 bars £8 stem **

    No brand high riser style bars and SR custom stem set**. I bought these bars recently for a porteur style setup but didn't really get on with the ride height. Only used a handful of times. No scratches and a nice chrome finish.
    Bar width 450mm huge rise of 100mm and a slight sweep back to the grip position. Stem length is 100mm, Clamp 25.4
    Good for (very) upright and laid back position riding!
    Practically brand new and cost £15

    **MTB riser barset. **Azonic double wall riser bars with Race Face stem.
    Lovely feeling downhill/freeride bars. Strong as you like and fairly light too.
    Gloss black, 640mm wide, 50mm ride. 25.4 clamp width. Stem length 90mm
    **£25 for the set, will split if need be £18 bars £10 stem.

    Wheel Stuff

    Gold Deep V fixed/fixed rear wheel.
    **As it says on the tin. A deep V wheel that is gold.
    System X hub that runs smoothly, threads on both sides are all good, true wheel but with a slight ding shown in the picture. This doesn't affect the ride at all. Lovely wheel but I've got no use for it right now....
    (tyre shown is just to protect it, you can have it if you like but its just a worn out old specialized one)

    Unbranded 18t sprocket. **Bought but I haven't used it, a few marks of discolouration but looks like very little wear, threads are fine.

    Continental Ultra Gatorskin. **Don't even think its been used, but its just getting in the way and I'm not going to be able to use it for about 8 months anyway so someone else may as well have it....
    700c (pretty sure its a 23C, haven't got it in front of me so will confirm later)
    Excellent condition
    Sold pending payment to edgar

    MTB Tyres, WTB All Terrain-asaurus. **1.95 wide pretty simple fast rolling MTB tyres, good for dry cross country style riding. Nothing too special but hardly used. Front and Rear....
    **£15 the pair.

    Other Bits

    MTB Rockshox Duke adjustable travel suspension fork. **Used but not abused, works well, adjustable travel from 85mm to 108mm. Adjustable rebound. Steerer length 195mm. works with V brakes and discs.

    Brand New unbranded 1 and 1/8th threaded headset.
    **This was bought by a mate who passed it onto me, I don't have a use for it, not sure anyone else will either but you never know!
    All parts are there, sealed bearing races, looks nice and shiny!

    Off Topic bits

    Never used, Slazenger Classic 27 tennis racket and set of 4 Slazenger Wimbledon balls. **Bought a couple of years ago with good intentions!
    Nice red colour! Cost £30 new.
    **£25 for the racket and set of 4 balls.

    **Other bits to be added as and when....

    Cheers for looking.......

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    My heart sank again when I saw that black logo. RIP rider. Be safe out there everyone. x

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    Very jealous of your trip, a couple of years ago I rode through Tuscany and it was one of the most glorious parts of my European trip. Such beautiful scenery, fantastic roads, slightly less crazy driving than nearer the coast, and food to die for.

    I travelled across the country and two of the most enjoyable roads I found have Siena in the middle! The SR222 from outside Florence to Siena and the SR438 from Siena travelling SW. The SR222 is a lovely hilly road, passing through the Chianti region, fantastic vineyards and lovely villages, quite a few coaches due to the proximity to the most tourist saturated cities in the world but once you are a few miles away it feels like a different more tranquil and real part of Tuscany.
    Siena itself is a really great city to wander and I can't wait for the opportunity to go back.
    The other route that sticks in my memory follows the SS438 which cuts through beautiful farmland and follows a ridge that climbs to give the most awesome views of vinyards and farms all around. The roads passes through Asciano, a perfect Tuscan village with really very good food, You can then wiggle your way to Sinalunga and climb up to the hilltop town of Montepulciano, (about 70km from Siena) drink fabulous wine then probably do the same route back as its so lovely!
    Enjoy your time there UG!