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    Sorry for the delay. They are 31.8

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    This Frame used to be the guts of my B+ Bikepacking bike. I did a 6 month trip on it through NZ, Tassie, Morocco, Spain and Portugal. The trip was wicked and so was the bike. Simple, tough and relaible. I hadn't really inteneded to change it, but then a Stooge Scrambler fell into my lap and here we are, one to many frames...

    Its a 2018 Kona Unit X Frameset XL, in Green.
    Its got a Headeset and FSA BB in there. There is a super early design bolt-in Framebag with a good Team Dream Patch on it. The Frame shows its use with pride, but is still straight and true. Its long and low, and would fit someone who normally rides a L with a stubby stem. See the Geometry HERE

    Collection from SE19 (Crystal Palace) or I can post within the UK for about £30, overseas for more.

    Built up:

    Details 1
    Deatils 2
    Details 3
    Details 4
    Deatils 5
    Deatils 6

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    Got a few bits that would like to find new homes and new owners.
    Prices include shipping within the UK. Will ship internationally at extra cost.

    1. Kona Riser Bars, 780mm width. Unused, but a bit banged from storage. £12
    2. BLB Basket, similar size to a Wald 137 but a bit taller. £SOLD
    3. BLB Woven Bar Tape, Digi-Flower, BNIB £SOLD
    4. Kona Lock on Grips, Never used £10
    5. Silver 27.2 Inline steapost. Pretty scratched. £SOLD
    6. Lezyne Computer mount (lezyne computers only) £SOLD
      7 Sram Force 10 front Mech, band on Multifit, pretty cosmetically sad, £10
      8 FSA Comet Cranks, 32T Ring 175mm, used £25

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    Its the same old, where its from, what code its sent under and who the carrier is. But you'd be looking at about 5% for Duty probably and 20% for Vat and around £15 for a couriers fees. So somewhere around £327 would be a safe bet.

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    Oh sorry I made an assumption you were just looking to move clothes and low value items about, where you need to list things and work out how to assign a value thats both true and easy.

    If you are sending big things its the same forms. If, say, you were moving to Australia and you put your car and everything from a house in a container it would be the same forms. And yes you would put the actual value down. And then yes you would 100% want to pay for insurance (which is normally 4% of the declared value).

    If you are sending more than a box worth of stuff I would strongly addvise using an interntional moving company. Like Sevenseas or something. They have the necessary experience to navigate the forms and stuff and will help you get it right. They can also do the packing if thats a thing that you need.

    Driving your own stuff accross a border is normally okay. But if you turn up in a van full of shit you are going to need to be prepared for questions, and I have absolutely no idea what that could look like. For example Canada/US border is like fine until its not and then you just don't get to cross, and you need to gom home and try again later.

    Normally for an item to be tax exempt it needs to be over 1 year old. Sooooo receipts for big items that look new will be necessary probabbly.

    I have only ever used these systems to ship clothing and small personal effects. I have never moved accross land borders either, so this is at the limit of what I know from experience or from work (where I do a lot of import/export)

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    In general Mum cost their children a fortune in taxes when they live overseas with badly thought out gifts and shipping. Speaking from experience here. We once paid £25 in import fees for some candy and a couple of doilies.

    You can absolutely send you own stuff from the UK to Italy in future without paying taxes. At least you can in most countries. I've done it 4 times to four counties. Though none were Italy.

    The process is normally to fill in a form. Usually called sending personal effects or similar. You do this in the Destination country. You will nromally have to provide some sort of proof of identity and residence. This form is then printed out, along with a photocopy of your passport page and included on the outside of the box along with a PROFORMA invoice. You will absolutely need to use a courier. Do not use royal mail.

    It is absolutely vital that your proforma invoice has every item on it, with some nominal value per item. 2-10 kind of thing for clothing. I like to use the word USED on each line.

    Something Like:
    Used socks, 5 pieces, £1 a piece, = £10
    Used Jacket, 2 Pieces, £10 a piece, = £20

    If you muck up and send a commerical invoice, you are screwed and will pay duty+tax.

    I hope this makes some sense. There should be a page on the Italian equivalent of our .gov sites for shipping and it will be within that. Please note I am making a lot of assumptions that Italy has tthe samee thing as the countries that I have lived in. So you will need to check the Italian procedeure.

    Hope that helps