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    saw this accident too, on the way to work. Bike on its side on the road was a silver road bike, coudn't see what make, not sure if this was the accident victims or a helpers as it was quite far away from the main scene. Fingers crossed that the person pulls through and is ok!

    And take care on the roads today everyone, its one of those days where drivers are acting crazy.

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    Hi Guys,
    There were murmurings of a ladies ride to Cambridge within the Brighton thread. did this ride happen? or is it going to happen?

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    I found the increase in cyclists on the roads this summer caused me to create a new word to decribe it : noddulance - nodder annoyance, which may or may not require an ambulance at some point.
    generally I use it in the context: 'f**k me, had to deal with severe noddulance on the way home tonight'
    or ' man, it was a total noddulance nightmare out there'

    To cope with noddulance I whistle my 'happy song'... which essentially controls my breathing to calm me and stops me from screaming ' what the f**k are you doing you stupid cnut!do you have death wish?' at people on a daily basis. Anyone else find themselves doing something similar?

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    Hi, has anyone tried charging their Legend Hcx using a small travel solar panel device? I'm thinking of getting a GPS device for my europe trip and already have a solar panel thing for my camera. Was wondering if anyone knows if it would work for the GPS too.

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    I was also chatting with a few of the ladies about maybe a Ladies Brighton run, for those who want something a little longer, faster.
    I'd personally wouldn't do it fixed so it will have to wait until i have my surly crosscheck built (a month tops) but I really want to get some miles in before Dunwich this year.

    I'm thinking an ok pace, but nothing to strenuous to be honest - it's all about the ride, not how quick I'm going to get there for me. Maybe a pub stop halfway (or maybe not) Then chips and beer on the beach. Those wanting to ride home can, the rest of us can get the train back.

    If there is enough interest I'll start another thread .

    Ladies Brighton Ride (Date TBA but prob in June)


    1. Spokey-dokes
    2. Megoid

    Count Megoid and me in, sounds like fun! plus we need all the training we can get before our Barcelona - Nice touring trip in July...

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    Megoid and I are still in, just quickly fitting our rear mudguards back onto our bikes :(

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    Anyone know anything about an accident in Holborn, across the road from Cycle Surgery in the big Bus Stop area?
    Rode past at about 9pm last night, road blocked off, loads of cops plus a fire truck (never a good sign) and ambulance parked around a bus close to the stops. Have seen many very close calls between cyclists and buses in that spot and am very worried. Have my all my fingers and toes crossed it didn't involcve anyone dying. The roads have been way too fatal already this year!
    Does anyone know anything more about it?

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    R.I.P cyclist...
    Always horrible to hear news of an accident like this, or any accident in fact.

    I really don't understand the attitude of a lot of lorry drivers towards cyclists. My experience this morning is a prime example (see below).

    RIP. Very sad.

    I saw an articluated JCB mover turning left this morning at the lights.

    Lady cyclist also taking corner. I'm thinking

    She faultered and put a foot down.

    I started to shout.

    The lorry driver realised.

    Slammed on brakes and hooted.

    I wonder if that was the same JCB mover that came close to taking me out on the roundabout at the top of old kent rd this morning?

    I was quite a distance ahead of him on the roundabout, coming towards the left turn up to Borough. Knowing he was there I had moved to the middle of the lane as a deterent to him trying to get past... unfortunately its two lanes wide leading into the turn and he was an aggressive idiot.

    He basically put his foot down and tried to get past me as we approached the (quite tight) corner. I pulled over and slowed to let him go past, watching as he stretched the trailer over the entire width of the corner. Had I not take aversive action I would have been at the apex of the corner as this occured and then very quickly under a rear wheel. Even now, i'm still questioning why someone would do something so needless and dangerous?