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    Lovely bike, which bottle cages are on the latest build?

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    I'll take the Arx Pro 6 degrees. PMing

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    Things to do:

    • Mudguards! Got some Orange Velo black hammered guards to go on
    • Swap the stem for a 110mm
    • New rear brake pads
    • Silver bottle cages
    • Remove the decals from the seatpost


    Throughout the build I couldn't decide whether to go with black or silver components. In the end I went with black (as the groupset is a mix of black/silver) and to create a different build to @yetidamo. Now its ended up a bit of mismatch with the silver brakes..

    Need to decide:

    • Change the brakes for black?
    • Will black guards work?
    • Will silver cages look shit?
    • Do I need a -10 degree stem?
    • Should i swap the wheels for a set of Pacenti/black CX Ray/Aivee SR5 mango hubs I have?
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    This has been slowest build I've ever done.

    Finally got round to completing it on Saturday. Current build as follows...

    Wheelset: Pacenti SL23/Sapim D-light/DCR hubs
    Skewers: Shimano DA 9000
    Shifters: Ultegra 6800
    Front mech: DA 9000
    Rear mech: DA 9000
    Crankset: DA 9000 34/50
    Brakes: Shimano R650 long drops
    Gear cables and housing: Shimano DA olymer
    Brake cables and housing: Shimano Ultegra polymer
    Bars: Deda Zero 100
    Bartape: Supacaz Sticky Kush
    Stem: 3T Arx Pro 100mm (decals removed)
    Seatpost: Deda Superleggero 27.2 12mm offset
    Saddle: Specialized Toupe Ti 143mm
    Chain: Shimano Ultegra
    Tires: Continental GP4 Season 25c
    Pedals: Shimano 5800 carbon
    Bottle cage: Planet X Pro cage
    Garmin mount: Lifeline special

    Weight: 8.9kg

    Took it on a wet club run yesterday for its first outing. Everything worked, position was great, bike felt fairly spritely for a relatively heavy bike.

    Took a quick pic on the way home...

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    Same here. Thought I wouldn't like the clasp on my 36 and was all set to replace it with a strap before I even got it. But I've put it on and forgotten about it. Also, quite like fidgeting with the micro adjust while i'm working.

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    My one had £3.06 charges to pay, from DHL. Should arrive today!

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    Link on gf's 11 year old aquaracer broke the other day and fell off. It's the 2nd link from the case so doesn't seem obvious how to reattach it (minus one link).

    Can it be done? If so, anyone good in London to do it? (I've heard Tag customer service is a rip off/not that good).

    If not, where's the best place for a new bracelet?

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    Been contemplating a smiths everest since christmas, finally gave in this week. Pretty happy with the purchase. Yes the clasp is a bit chunky but loving the micro-adjust.