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    I played through the TC Echobrain for a bit and didn't mind it so it's getting a reprieve

    I've a real soft spot for that Echobrain. It's crusty as hell, but it has a real personality - I love that BBD graininess. It plays REALLY well going into a very pristine delay / reverb btw - I have mine going into a bunch of Strymons and it just works beautifully.

    Speaking of, my ambient piano / guitar feedback / ebow album went live today on all good streaming platforms:


    I even made a little video:


    That's all the echobrain into a Strymon Flint, Timeline, and Big Sky. I usually find the Timeline / Big Sky a bit too pristine but with the echobrain crustying it up, something lovely happens. Anyway hope you crazy kids like it.

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    Great video. All the people in the comments talking about how no-one would boost the mids that much forget that a) that guitar is tuned to C, and b) they're using a bass amp. Josh Homme always used to use bass amps in Kyuss and the very early Queens stuff too, so those mids NEED a boost.

    Wasn't sure whether to post this up here but I figure I may as well - I soft launched my album today, and here's the first video from it:



    It's an ambient piano / guitar feedback album based around the different types of movement at very high altitude. This one is called 'Floating'.

    If you like it, the album will be streaming from tomorrow on Spotify / Apple Music etc, but it's available to listen to and buy today at bandcamp: https://nathanielkemeno.bandcamp.com/

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    Vent post, feel free to ignore this - I don't need any validation, just need a place to let all this out.

    We put in an offer on a place a month or two back which we didn't expect to be accepted; when it was we were pretty agog so we had to get selling our place really quickly. We hadn't been thinking about moving so I hadn't considered the impact the stamp duty was having on the market and as a result I was more or less totally unprepared for how utterly savage things are at the moment. I mean I know it's the London property market, it's never quite been a walk in the park, but things do feel even more feral atm. And I feel utterly unprepared for it.

    We're now on the 'easy' bit - draft contracts have been issued for our buy and our sell, and now it's just getting the lawyers to actually fix up before the 'proper' work of moving starts - but I am already foaming at the mouth stressed and feeling like I don't have the brainspace to do all this AND handover our RTM company to the other directors AND my full time job AND do all the logistics for the move.

    I know moving is a bit like snowboarding - you never truly gain control of it, the best you can do is become comfortable with being out of control - but for someone like me who likes routine, and likes consistency, and likes coming home to a nice house rather than a building site (this new place is a state) I'm really feeling out of sorts with the whole thing.

    Last time I moved, into my first ever owned flat, everything was exiting and a novelty. Even when I was clearing up rat shit from a flat without a working front door and no elecrics in the middle of February, I had a real sense of excitement and new possibilities. Now I just want it to be over.

    I'm sure it'll be worth it but right now I'm in the panic/slog mode and we've not even really got started yet. Big sigh.

    Right. Thanks for letting me vent. Back to it.

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    Which suspension is this talking about?

    It's from a typically inaccurate piece in Novara Media talking about Corbyn's suspension:


    When a Corbyn loyalist mouthpiece like Novara puts out a piece, and even John McDonnell says it's nonsense, you know you're in dangerous territory. In any event, as anyone who has the remotest interest in Labour party politics knows, the leader of the party does not (should not!) have influence over who is a Labour member, but has full control over which of his MPs gets to represent the party within the PLP as a Labour MP. All these accusations of flip flopping over that suspension stem from a fundamental misunderstanding of the way power works in the Labour Party and - sadly for Novara, a fairly typical - deliberate muddying of the waters between the NEC's responsibility and the LOTO's.

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    Made the mistake of re-watching Synecdoche New York last week. It's less a film and more a life-simulation experience. Truly amazing film, but less like watching any other film on earth and more like having a baby - lifechanging and quietly devastating. I am looking forward to putting on something with Jason Statham in it this evening. Jason Statham never makes you look on life differently.

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    Do I need a full survey or is homebuyers good enough?

    I did something different this time and hired a structural surveyor direct for £100 to come look around the property with me. She confirmed to me via email (i.e. not a report) that there were no issues (a report with issues would've cost a lot more) and I would absolutely do it again.

    On the floorplan, want to see what the black bit taking up some of the kitchen is. I think it is also worth getting an electrician to review the state of the electrics as doubt these have been touched for 30+ years.

    I think that's well worth doing but you might not want to do it as part of the pre-move expenditure. We waited a few months until we had some cash to do ours and it's just as well we did because we had to spend out a lot - none of which we'd have been able to use to negotiate a discount. YMMV!

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    I thought this was a long-overdue move to ban these proscribed groups. Socialist Appeal are war crime denying Assad/Putin apologists who refer to the heroic White Helmets as 'jihadists', and Resist and Labour Against The Witch Hunt expose us to further legal action by dismissing antisemitism as a 'smear'. Labour in Exile are explicitly there to welcome people who have been removed from the Labour party, and so by definition should not be associated with it. Kooks, one and all, and all decent wings of the party - hard left, soft left, centrist and left of centre - should welcome their expulsion.


    Starmer's performance at the last few PMQs has been very good too. Whether that cuts through is debatable but he's definitely got the hang of it now.