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    Got around to tinkering with my bike the other day. Was back to firing on both cylinders straight off (presumably it had just dried out) but I took the tank off and had a play with the coils anyway. Didn't end up fitting the other one I had as the contacts looked pretty corroded but I spent some time cleaning up the earthing points on the one that was fitted and also whipped the HT lead out (it just unscrewed), cleaned things up, refitted it and wrapped the whole area up in insulating tape which will hopefully keep the moisture out in future.

    Tidied up a bit of the wiring while I had the tank off and then put it all back together.

    Took a wire brush to some of the engine casings and got the worst of the flaking paint off, thee's a couple places that really need painted but the covers will have to come off so I'ma wait till I'm changing the oil anyway. Should get that done sooner rather than later. Checked under my ziptied down fork gators and everything is still nice and greasy under there.

    Took it out for a spin and it seemed to need less choke and warmed up quicker than before I fiddled with the coils so that's good.

    Then in total procrastination, instead of doing anything useful I started mocking up a sissy bar. It already has a small one but I want a big tall one.

    Would have gotten this welded up today but spent too long playing on my dad's lathe.

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    PS. Hope it's ok posting this in here, seemed a bit niche for general classifieds.

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    A few people had expressed interest in the stem jig I made myself and I had bought multiples of some of the parts so I got another couple bits of ali bar stock and visited my old man today to use his lathe and I now have one jig ready to go and will have another once I get some more extrusion in.

    Most of it is off the shelf extrusions and brackets but the bar stock needs the ends squaring and a hole boring right through in the lathe.

    The aluminium bar acts quite well as a heatsink and the extrusion seems to shrug off getting toasted by the torch remarkably well.

    Base is 350mm long so realistically you could be building stems up to about 300mm centre to centre and the upright is 300mm so 250mm+ of rise/fall is possible.

    I've just done ali bar for 1 1/8" steerer and 31.8mm bar clamp but I could get bar stock that would replicate a 1" steerer and/or 26/25.4/22.2mm handlebar diameters if required.

    £45 inc paypal fees and postage costs.

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    Very useful. Cheers.

    Seattube looks tidy AF by the way.

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    Cheers, I’ll give it another bash. I’ll add the fairy liquid and see if that helps.

    Will look out for the undercooked cooked thing.

    I like that post soak pic, I’m finding that the Sif-flux goes really thick and glassy, esp where I’ve probably chucked too much on (I figure too much is better than too little so I’m pretty liberal with it) and even an overnight soak isn’t getting rid of all of it.